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  1. Hello friend. can you update your hack. autowin, reward hack, autodrive, VIP car and more please? you are the best @MarioRossi93i
  2. Hello @MarioRossi93i, this hack ont work in 8.8 version. You update this or no? Thank for all hack friend
  3. @MarioRossi93i "script expired" please fix it, thank for all great job friend!
  4. Yeah. There are some things that work perfectly but I like « autowin » it’s so faster win a race.
  5. Hey @MarioRossi93i , do you have any news for hack all in one? Autowin and more?
  6. hello @MarioRossi93i please update your hack tool for RR3 in 8.7 version. thank you for all.
  7. hack not work... error: (you must select a race before run this script) I chose the race as the hack from before... in 8.6.0
  8. Thank you very much friend. But after filling the category my crash game and start again at 0 in the competition
  9. X64 is good? Please deploy this
  10. @MarioRossi93i hello friend, it’s ok for combo hack ? (Autopilot + freeze)
  11. Hello friend, not work for me. I found 1 result and not change XP player
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