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  1. Hey @MarioRossi93i , do you have any news for hack all in one? Autowin and more?
  2. hello @MarioRossi93i please update your hack tool for RR3 in 8.7 version. thank you for all.
  3. hack not work... error: (you must select a race before run this script) I chose the race as the hack from before... in 8.6.0
  4. Thank you very much friend. But after filling the category my crash game and start again at 0 in the competition
  5. @MarioRossi93i hello friend, it’s ok for combo hack ? (Autopilot + freeze)
  6. Hello friend, not work for me. I found 1 result and not change XP player
  7. Please @MarioRossi93i update this hack for your fan. Don’t work In 8.5 release
  8. Hello my friend, @MarioRossi93i, please do you update autopilot hack? In 8.5 release this hack don’t work
  9. Sorry friend, freeze hack not work for me. I'm going to settle for ghost mode. great thank you for everything
  10. @MarioRossi93i hello friend, speed value works in race?
  11. @MarioRossi93i ok friend, thank you for the good job
  12. @MarioRossi93i Hello friend, sorry if not works again... « no boots found » [added 3 minutes later] the script must first freeze the bots and then make them into a ghost. may be in ghost mode the script does not see bots for freezes?
  13. Hello friend freeze not work « no résults »
  14. @MarioRossi93i thank you friend it works
  15. Hello friend, script autopilot not work
    The freeze not work in F1. Good for ghost !
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