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  1. Name of Requested File (Such as GameGuardian App):My singing monsters Link To Download (If any): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bigbluebubble.singingmonsters.full&hl=en Comments: looking for unlimted everything
  2. i can not hack it for coins nor diamonds
  3. have you posted this yet? would like also
  4. could not hack the money or days it just coming back to 0 founds when i input the next amount of money or day's
  5. i uninstall the game if you download homerun battle 3d on you start the game on the first title screen so it don't fully boot up
  6. i was trying to play home run battle 3d but it is telling me to uninstall it in order to play is there away to make the app run stealth?
  7. how do I do this can you please write a simple tut please
  8. found from gamecih Manual Steps: Please follow these steps carefully, or it might not work for you. *I know some of you already did this on SQ Lite Editor, so I uploaded my version, and you just need to download the save file to save yourself the trouble! Requirements: 1) Rooted phone 2) any root file explorer (I recommend Root Explorer) Steps: 1) Delete magic.db in: data/data/com.smule.magicpiano/database, Make a backup if necessary 2) Download save file here : http://www.mediafire...kdo8hvnfkqpd20q (UPDATED ON 19/6/12) Password: gamecih 3) Place it in this directory: data/data/com.smule.magicpiano/database 4) Change permissions to this: Y= checked box N= unchecked box Y-Y-N Y-Y-N N-N-N 5) Done! Troubleshooting: (Thanks to kagedao for the troubleshooting method!) 1)Install Magic Piano 2)Start it in order to get the database 3)Delete magic.db (data/data/com.smule.magicpiano/database) 4)Restart device - Paste the magic.db into "data/data/com.smule.magicpiano/database" 5)Set permission to Y-Y-N / Y-Y-N / N-N-N 6)Maybe Restart again 7)Enjoy Song Update Log: (UPDATED ON 19/6/12) New paid songs: Justin Bieber- Baby **Do not directly replace the file. Delete the original file then copy my version over!
  9. it did not take long for me cause i got tons of traffic and my ad price was cheap to drive in more people... if you need help site wise with ads or what not let me know in pm and i can help with different ad programs that work great
  10. have you tried http://www.komoona.com/ i use them on my other site this is not a referral link but check them out and people can buy ads from this site also great company I hope that helps
  11. hey all i was getting on to the site and google and avg trys to block the site i will post the screen shots i have it is due to the ad provider you are using!
  12. thank you i found these but when i posted this is was about getting coins... but i do appreciate everyone's help i never seen these apps before now my wife thinks i been knowing how to draw and i was pulling her tail from the get go.
  13. thank you guys for the warm reception.....
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