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    Bro when i enable a cheat for example wallshoot it applies for everyone else
    Like dude i cant minimize the cheat window when i select a cheat
  1. Hey bro can you tell me from where did you get the modded apk?????
    Bro not working.AT ALL
  2. Hey bro i dont know if its gonna crash or not but i have a note 8.do you think its gonna work fine?????? (Please answer)
  3. WARZZ

    Help please

    No bro look,i just open the game with parallel space and GG but it still crashes
  4. Hey bro uhh what is this "not encrypted" like what will happen if you encrypted it.what will happen??????
  5. WARZZ

    Help please

    hey guys uhhh.i have a note 8 and i tried hacking call of duty:mobile but it was always crashing,and the problem isnt in gameguardian.i was using parallel space and tried virtualXposed.and still nothing happened
  6. Bro i still dont understand how do you do it.bro like can you hack mighty quest (for example).and show me how do u do it???????
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