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  1. We have been given a rocket scientists silent video from game guardian following the update of simcity. EA have been very clever stopping the use of d-word and changing strings and it seems the hackers are slow in responding. No fears video needs a step by step guide which I though we were getting? Any updates would be appreciated as the frustrations with this software increases with no real support This will probably ho unanswered like the rest of the other peoples requests but if we keep commenting maybe someone will help
  2. Also did your city stay on the good server or did you get sent to naughty island ?
  3. Has anyone found how to get gold keys and platinum keys- @no fear- ty appreciated - written directions would be great
  4. Hi everyone is GG aware of this simcity update and are they working on a new way around it or is it time to look elsewhere ? Does anyone know how to clone cities and if so can we have a tutorial please
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