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  1. Could it be possible to hack soul stone via chest opening that we can get in offline story? Its paid apk But heres link to free apk file : http://s5.rexdl.com/android/game/Evertale-v1.0.54-www.ReXdl.com.apk
  2. Is there anything can be hacked on this game? Just want to know if we could hack some rewards in game, not to hack the currency value directly. Heres the link to the game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.topwar.gp [added 1 minute later] @NoFear would you like to try hack this game mate?
  3. Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kakaogames.gdts seems so fun to be hacked
  4. @NoFear do you know how to hack item value using item_id*item_value on utf search (not the fuzzy search)?
  5. @Newworld3016 my account not banned for almost 1 week... this all i did try to hack when offline, toggle to offline when you are on the loading screen when entering a chapter...open GG, start cheating here (notice that many cheat can be done in one session, it means you dont have to restart the game after you cheated). then finish the chapter and go to refuge, then exit the game (do not restart the game option in GG, just choose exit). toggle online and start the game again and i havent try to exchange item with other item, maybe later will try it with dummy account btw try not to hack exp over 100,000,000. With 100,000,000 exp you will jump to lvl 147/148. maybe with 120,000,000 exp you will reach lvl 200 *SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH
  6. @VoidPool you did it wrong...you change the value to DLDLDL it will be = -101010 not -171717 (the numbers depend on the values) and then in minute 1:34 you must edit the 2D value (above 6) to 0D...then change the value like you did in your video but put -101010 instead... see @NoFear guide for complete steps and read it carefully
  7. tried to hack ammo? does it safe?
  8. @NoFear no, i didnt edit currency (gold and coins). are other57 (Horn), other59 (Token) and other62 (Advanced reedem ticket) currency? xp i always edit to 900.000.000 and i never kicked out from the game, cause i do it like in your vid
  9. @NoFear @DoDevil did you get banned? i got banned again in this new update i just wanna know, did you hack the exp/level? and what items did you hack? and what maximum value you set for the hacked items?
  10. @NoFear @DoDevil did you get banned? i got banned again in this new update i just wanna know, did you hack the exp/level? and what items did you hack? and what maximum value you set for the hacked items?
  11. @NoFear @DoDevil i think they banned me by manual, cause when i was playing theres a message pop up, its says "Login session expired, please try to login again" when i tried to login its says "user restrcition on login" i think they banned me because maybe i hack exp on my account to lvl 200 where my currently server just have 2 other guys that have lvl 200, then i tried to hack raffle ticket and played the event 1000x to get red crystal reward, or maybe because i claiming reward with hacked advanced reedem ticket, or because i hacked the currency in game (coins and gold) and buy something with it. EVERYTHING I DO IS LEFT ONLINE be carefull when you hack exp, i have one account that only the level i've hacked to lvl 200 but also get banned. maybe if you play safe, claiming reward, opening something or buying something with hacked currency with an offline state you will not get banned *SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH
  12. okay thanks for your advice @NoFear @DoDevil
  13. @NoFear @DoDevil do you get banned? i got ban after 3 days what should i do to avoid ban?
  14. @NoFear like this in my GG, theres no value like in your video
  15. @NoFear i tried the exp hack but all i found was negative 2 values not a plus (but when the 2 values is subtracted = exp)...when i do the same like in your video, the game crashed...what should i do ? i only select anonymous memory range forgive me for my bad english
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