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  1. It's giving error while I'm opening Last Day On Earth Survival, it's show send us feedback rejected the ldoe
  2. Dear i am not lying but it's nor working please correct this please
  3. Please now update your old one was automatically working. That was awesome
  4. Please now update your old (auto) script
  6. Dwar waiting for your reply
  7. Can you please upgrade your old one auyomatic script 2ith new seasons items and infinite weapons power as you were showed ?
  8. Thanks for your Tutorial, bit not work. If you give me yourl old type automatic scritp with new features so i will donate 5$
  9. Can i get your WhatsApp no so may be i can donate you something
  10. Dear can you please help me ? 720_30_3.78_Aug142019.mp4
  11. How can we pay you? And what's about the update and password?
  12. Dear we are your followers you have to correct it for our selves. Post a video Tutorial that's it's work.
  13. 0% working. I tried at least 1 hour and get tired login start huge kinds of huge pop up messages, Your first script was ok. Now i am using turbos jocker script that's work fine. Sorry bro but now you're script performance is 0 % you're favourite at here. But now your script has a lot of pop up messages but working is 0%. Take care
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