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  1. I read gg.choice.. But how to add multiple Ui elements in single window.. I need another number input.. Thats why i use prompt
  2. You know like when you can select.. ▪︎Male Female But only one can be select.. ``` gg.prompt (" {male, female}" ,nil , "checkbox" ) ```
  3. The fights reset the values address every match. So you need to search again. Unfortunately I started to get Battle data error after certain chapter... dont remember exactly If you want I can PM you how to find HP value.. But no way to get past Battle data error..
  4. I have realiably found a way to get HP Values **before the battle starts** and energy is just one address below the HP. Problem is it requires lot of manual input.. so doing it for every hero is a almost impossible .
  5. Hey thanks.. I couldnt figure out offsets. Game prolly allocates so many HP value to combat hacking... But i noticed a pattern.. the actual max HP value is always before one constant Dword.. So its like this.. A8b5799c -120Dword A8b579a0 - Max hp value. In double.(known) A8b578a4 - some garbage value A8b579a8 - 0 double.. ( this is energy ) found it too yeah. Whats the script code to search this pattern?
  6. Like I can hack a game manually.. Process is this... 》 Search for max HP value before fight 》 Over 800 results 》wait to take damage and hp decrease 》 Filter decreased value 》 Some garbage results + Figure out HP from Bar and max.. 》 freeze Hp value.. How can i automate in script??
  7. Obviously using Ultimate hacks is easily verified server side.. Since you cant possibly use a ultimate 40 times in a battle. What we need is damage reduction armor, and damage multiplier crit hack.. It would make the scenario at least believable server side.
  8. I still cant find the correct Damage number to edit. Like there is many results.. which one to edit. And adresss in Heroes section and fight changes. Were gonna need a Pro hacker for this TwT
  9. No.. it will connect after fight is done And rewards are server sided. But the fight itself is calculated client side
  10. Half true. Yes hero level and gems are server sided. But the fights isnt. You could prolly hack damage and HP values. But i dont know how to do in this game.
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