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  1. Can you at least tell me what type of hack still working? Like nitro still work? I will figure it out how to, just need to know what types of hacks still works. I tried editing the libashpalt9.so with hex and didn't work like the previous version. Even tried with game guardian. But now they have done something. I can't get my reputation points to go up and when I join multiplayer there is always one player. Only hack that still work is the upgrade of the cars. This is the only one I could manage to do. By searching the star level and upgrades level. If you have one star then the value is 1025 and if to star 2050. The 600km car speed still working but useless you always crash. Best way is to edit the libasphalt9.so in the APK it's undetectable, not like game guardian they will ban.
  2. Hey guys is there any new hacks for the new updated asphalt 9?
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