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  1. Did not know it was that easy to decrypt that! Something new learned today?
  2. Thanks for the help! ? @Enyby If it's possible within your free time Could you make a video on how you create those 2 value's into a simple menu 2 buttons, one for coins and the other for virtual cards I wish to see a plain simple lua script to learn from - Decaf
  3. First time for me, thanks for the feedback! All regions are selected yes, my mistake forgot to switch alot off due pubg hacks loaded previous in gg
  4. Game: Virtual Beggar Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TreetopCrew.VirtualBeggar Virtual Beggar - Hack Coins http://sendvid.com/scqmanz2 Virtual Beggar - Hack Virtual Cards (Paid Currency) http://sendvid.com/adhwulsx
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