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  1. alexxutzu

    Pacwyn cheat

    Hi, Is there any chance to change the value of the money for Pacwyn game on Android? Thanks!
  2. FAILED TO RUN DAEMON!!!!!!! Wtf is happening with these virtual spaces??? Parallel space has Google Play error, this has Daemon error, nothing works? Fix or leave them and don't update anymore!
  3. Nothing work with this app Last updates on all app but nothing....
    What is wrong with you man? You keep releasing new version but with the same error! This app keep saying we need to update Play Services but there is no update!!! We have the last version! You cannot even give us an answer about this error....is too much for you? Ban me I don't care, but if you cannot answer to a simple question about an error then I think you must stop working on this apk's. Please don't tell us to ask developers of apk from Play Store because in the official version this error dosn't exist!
    Zero! Same error with Daemon can't run!!! You cannot end this error?
  4. I can pass that login screen but after that I get an error with updating google play services. Everything is up to date, It's not working....
  5. The problem with "Update play services" still persist in last update!
  6. Any solution for problem with "Update play services"? There is no new update of Play services.....
  7. Hello, anyone can help me with this problem on new Parallel Space version 64bit? I'm on Android 10, everything works fine but after I login to Play Games I get this error. I have the last version of Play Services and Play Games.
  8. It is working on Android 10 (app is opening) but it says to Update Google Play Services when I try to sign in from game. I already have the last version, please fix it if you can.
  9. Hello friends, Is someone here who using any virtual space on Android 10? I tried Parallel Space (normal and Lite), Octopus, GO, and many other but not even one is working. Normally on Android 9.1 I used Parallel Space because I need Google Play services. Thank's!
  10. Anyone can help me with Parallel Space or Octopus on Android 10? It say that I have no root on Octopus (I buyed the plugin from Play store and install the version from here) and Parallel Space just close when I try to start him.
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