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    m It does not work for me it does not detect the games and in other virtual spaces I can not for other problems like space or gg and in other words I can not I can not play I tried with each space but not):,I could not and the virtual environment has to have the services of Google to be able to play the games or use an app that in itself the great part of it you need and necessary mind Google play games My device is a Samsung galaxy s9 plus,I have other devices but it is unplayable why the virtual space is so bad as the applications that obviously exist in them or that you add your already inside it in itself): In itself it is unplayable why the app in the virtual space is going slower so you need a good device and:to run the good virtual space and the app that woke up in order to play decently): advice should see a list of compatible devices with the services if. Samsung galaxy s9 plus thank you. ? ?? Fixed up. ' If someone has a problem similar to this Or have a Samsung galaxy s9 plus' first, before what you do, do not select the default version'neither the 64bit one'Select the 32-bit to 64-bit. or you have another device and the games do not appear just try them first with that and with the 64 bit with the 32 to 64 bit ?
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