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    I ve fixed vip hack , thx @BreadKiller RR3_Hack_8.5.0(212).fixed.lua
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    Thanks Mario for the new version ✌ [added 4 minutes later] It doesn't work...or it's just me ?
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    What get you banned is the big amount of Gold and R$ you win in a short time, fame points doesn't matter.
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    Or possibly to win the whole series at once?
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    Plz set region only XA! Script long loading? Wait plz it's from Anti log.
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    I watched the video and was happy with the update. That's what I said: Sometimes Hack Coin works, sometimes it doesn't, but the script turned out great, I like everything.
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    It is working now. I have only tried Auto win, and it's working. Thank you
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    Try updated version. It will work. I'm just a beginner in lua.
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    Eheh... thanks @IyeVice but i ve only changed a couple of offset, if there is a genius he is @BreadKiller
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    Yes when a new update comes I will be the first one to update the script
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    I am making a script for carton pool which makes the player instantly win. Almost done
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    ty sir,,your the best [added 2 minutes later]
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    Mannnnnnnn Error For Blocking Rename Fix it pls
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    @Boss45 Yes of course! Everything works perfectly! I watched the video and read the guide. Everything is cool, thank you
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    @Artem_Nikiforov is it fine now? Btw I just tried coin hack and it is working fine
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    @Artem_Nikiforov ^
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    Hack coin works. U have to use it before spinning wheel. [added 1 minute later] https://youtu.be/69w8oRV_jeA Go to 5:27 I used the coin hack learn how I used In short just use hack before spinning wheel
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    Great script, everything works except Hack Coin, but in principle you can do without them. Features enough to enjoy the game, thank you
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    Hello guys! I quit this game already, maybe I will never update this script or maybe I will return this game some day. Thank you all and have a nice life!
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    hi, thank you very much for this fantastic thing you created. the ability to change game time and hunger has been superb and allows for many things. I kindly asked you: When you are in an online race and participate in a laps / laps / autocros race / how can you change the result sent? example from 1 turn to 100. When you are in an online race and participate in an overtaking race how can you change the result sent? example from 45 overtaking to 300. to modify the result of the 'maximum speed obtained example 314 and to send 350 as result in the team speed races' how can this be done? thanks in advance for your kind reply possibly willing to pay the time you spent for what is requested.
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    what the script password?
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    Again crash similar as above. GG: 88.0 [15815] Android: 6.0.1 SDK: 23 vSpace: com.ludashi.superboost Thread: Script thread luaj.LuaError$Internal: /storage/emulated/0/Download/S.Crisis Action.lua:-1 vm error: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=0; index=0 level = 1, const = 424, proto = 3, upval = 22, vars = 66, code = 6364 SETTABLE v7 v6 v8 ; PC 485 CODE 030201CA OP 10 A 7 B 6 C 8 Bx 3080 sBx -127991 stack traceback: /storage/emulated/0/Download/S.Crisis Action.lua: in function </storage/emulated/0/Download/S.Crisis Action.lua:624> (...tail calls...) /storage/emulated/0/Download/S.Crisis Action.lua: in function </storage/emulated/0/Download/S.Crisis Action.lua:444> (...tail calls...) [Java]: in ? at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:832) at luaj.LuaClosure.onInvoke(LuaClosure.java:207) at luaj.TailcallVarargs.eval(TailcallVarargs.java:73) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:600) at luaj.LuaClosure.call(LuaClosure.java:160) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:537) at luaj.LuaClosure.onInvoke(LuaClosure.java:207) at luaj.TailcallVarargs.eval(TailcallVarargs.java:73) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:600) at luaj.LuaClosure.call(LuaClosure.java:160) at android.ext.Script.runScript(Script.java:5628) at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(Script.java:5366) Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=0; index=0 at luaj.LuaTable.rehash(LuaTable.java:886) at luaj.LuaTable.hashset(LuaTable.java:652) at luaj.LuaTable.rawset(LuaTable.java:335) at luaj.LuaTable.set(LuaTable.java:320) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:383) ... 11 more PC 485 not PC 455 as before. Then it is from new version, not from old. I think it can be bug in Lua Implementation, but I can not reproduce it.
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    I'm stuck in this infinite loop any suggestions
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    A copie tard is a thief and thief(rata) steals so yeah its stolen. Steal someone else his work and just copy past it...withohy the permision...if ya had the permission if the creator it woudnt be stolen
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    Thats not csgo? stop typing this bs if you dont even know what ur talking about
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    "Stolen from my free source Release" lmao yeah Stolen xD
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    If its open source then those rules dont apply. If you dont like it im fine with that but dont go on my page and downvote everything i made @24matan And i am sure that HE didnt found that stuff either cuz Chikri found it first
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    Ok then im gonna upload V.5 today with credit
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    I DON'T CARE They won't able to login when they use special char bcs system can't identity what those are these are JUST WARNINGS _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later And i found out that space are avalible but i don't really recommand to use it with password It may make your account become unloginable.
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    Nevermind I see the issue
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    When people are "blind" XD _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Btw don't DOWNVOTE, I'll make me lost me losing energy to doing some amazing project.
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    Noblack I wont downvote , bcs I am understanding how many times need to make projects like this , but listen me : make all codes free or people will downvote bcs noone will pay for get online chat in gg . It is online chat like messenger , I know for u it is very main thing bcs u use all ur skill and timr for create this but for people it doesn't mean anything . They cannot understand this . So make all invite codes for free . I amnot telling u this information , bcs I want for me . I am telling it for u . (sorry for my bad English) (I am NikaT's friend and it is his opinion too . If u think remember that I am not Top GEO) I hope if u will understand my opinion
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    Better off to do binding sockets to irc
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    You guys better see this link free.samchatroom.tk or don't use. I have given 10 invite per day and you don't use. It all you guys fault of not watching this link.
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    Wtf u want ? Why are u downvoting my posts????
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    True, but this doesnt work anymore
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    I have a very non sense question(sorry I'm new to gg). Just curious can game developer relocate those three currencies so that -886763675 can no longer lead to those values?

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