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    It took 2 days but man you did the job. If it ain't you i quit this p2w game long ago. @punkaZ keep up the good work. Really appreciate your hard work, all free only for us. You earned our Respect.
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    Doesn't work for me sadly... GG: 77.0 Script: 1.3
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    You are great bud . Where every other devs just digging momey in exchange of scripts you came and save our pockets . Thanks buddy . Just Love and Respect @punkaZ .
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    Very Very Very tks man, you is the best Guy. God bless you forever, TKS TKS
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    Show full logcat from issue. Recorded from script start to end. How to collect logcat (#c1aa00vp)
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    Hey saicobo Please Update script version I went really your script Please come back

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