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  3. This is the best cheat in the world. There is all cheat on lvl and gold, etc. Thank you very much to the developer, I hope he does not abandon the creation of scripts.
  4. https://www.xda-developers.com/root/ [added 0 minutes later] Use XDA forums for this topics. You not find help about this here.
  5. Post script file as attachment, not as screenshot. Look like you add some invisible chars into it.
  6. View File Aruga Script × Kocak Z - Growtopia Lua Script Aruga Project × Kocak Z Growtopia Script and will expired in 31 August 2019 Submitter Aruga Submitted 08/24/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  7. nalcwap

    the greedy cave

    gold not the ore in left part? i ask because i can buy with that, but the orher i not find
  8. I think it might be a bug.Or gg can't read the script
  9. Excuse me, I know it's not related to hack games, but I can't root my phone, my phone is oppo a71 cph 1801 a20 190614, I tried Magisk Manager and flash file rom zip of phone but it error message: unknown image format , I downloaded it in a web oppo : this is web I used to download rom for my phone https://oppo-np.custhelp.com/app/software_update_detail/p_name/A71 (2018) I don't sure it has must rom exactly for this, I hope you can help me, please and excuse me
  10. Drok

    the greedy cave

    thank you, but I don't need material :v, I only want hack gold and diamond :v, I hope you will find it, I tried ways different but it doesn't work :(
  11. Wait For Update 1.4.16
  12. Version 4.7


    Aruga Project × Kocak Z Growtopia Script and will expired in 31 August 2019
  13. What The Version Fast Racing?
  14. nalcwap

    the greedy cave

    Ore[not find the other money o] in dungeon can be found easy wgen i start have a shop in dungeon i search in dungeon in \ca region in dword value not incrypt snd buy something ,the money address finish in 0 and have some trick when find the vslue by buy something find that address finish by 0 and goto that address and go to down to the afdress finish in 4 down and edit this 2 address to example 8888888 and freeze go to see buy something you will have now888888 ,i test without internet ,test and tell here, now i try see if i find the other
  15. soul stone? it has color blue, right?
  16. Drok

    the greedy cave

    this is link game:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avalon.cave&hl=vi hi everyone, game updated, and it fixed any error, and now I can't hack it, please help me
  17. Soul Stone cant hack with dword. I want Soul Stone. Can u help me find value.
  18. Yesterday
  19. how to save values to change whenever you want in script? example gold , health ect...
  20. Funkflex88

    Need help!!

    I'm trying to get help with hacking this game Final Fantasy XV A New Empire
  21. View File Axes.io Hack (AniHack) ✓ 2 Languages ✓ Hacking gold ✓ Level hacking ✓ Hacking Skins ✓ Weapon Hacking Best script optimization of it's kind Telegram AniHack Script's New https://t.me/AniHackNew Submitter AniHack Submitted 08/23/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  22. etmoides

    Score! Match

    There are a lot of online Games that can be hacked with GG
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