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  3. View File CRITCAL OPS v1.6.0.f578+ HACK SCRIPT DOWNLOAD MY NEW SCRIPT FROM HERE: SEE MORE HACK INFO IN DESCRIPTION Submitter Pan_Smuggler Submitted 06/16/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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  5. We are hiring coders to our team project Emulator bypass , with experiences on coding android and Kernel Linux . Contact me directly inbox . Regards.
  6. I already search and edit xa memory...but its cant change the value...
  7. Enyby

    Parallel Space issues

    [added 1 minute later] Parallel Space + 64-Bit Support (#cy2mamce)
  8. Pretty much anything else than battles, only visuals, also I confirm that energy float scan is faster and works. Good job Rastakiwi !
  9. It doesn't install Parallel space. It says app not installer whenever I try it. Please help me sort this its taking me ages to try get GG to work without root for me and my friend.
  10. What ? What minus and plus do you mean ?
  11. Bro Search It On Telegram It Wont Just Copy Link And Search On Telegram @TopGEOYT
  12. Thanks for reply sir What range should i use? Minus or plus?
  13. It tells : CHAT_WRITE_FORBIDEN errors again . . .
  14. Awesome lua script...Can you hack unlimited flying and faster health increasing?
  15. Sorry That Link Is Invalid This Is Link https://t.me/GameGuardianTopSecrets [added 3 minutes later] Have U Joined https://t.me/GameGuardianTopSecrets @TopGEOYT @Enyby
  16. It tells : PEER_ID_INVALID
  17. No Bro Copy Link And Paste To Goole Then Open
  18. Bro Please Please Just Join Don't Upload Anything I Will Make U Admin We Will Talk About New Tricks pls Don't Say No TELEGRAM Link https://t.me/joinchat/NUqTyRdVfIZp0gt2jxgc_w
  19. Best usefull regions : A: Anonymous Xa: Code App but if you are going to search Xa values be carefull Because Xa does Big effects on game (game may ban you or game may be get auto close) .
  20. I understand but i can not . If i will dec script it is uploading in GGLuaDEC group . Sorry . Try to find another guy .
  21. @TopGEOYT WHAT would If I Made A Telegram Channel For This Please Bro Would U Join Please I Need U
  22. Thx for suggetion but i dont use whats app . Also i already have decrypted scripts channel on telegram (full decrypted all revo , Tis and etc all new / main scripts)
  23. Hiiiii Everyone I Have Made A Telegram Group For GameGuardian In Which We Will Post New Script I Need Pros For The Group We Will Clear Doubts Of Everyone I Will Make U Admin Who Is Pro Link @TopGEOYT LINK To Join ::: https://t.me/joinchat/NUqTyRdVfIZp0gt2jxgc_w *We Provide Lua Encrypt And Decrypt Scripts And More That You Want No Noobs Allowed Join If You Are Pro At Lua Scripting Or Coading At GameGuardian
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