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  2. Undocumented api can disappear in one good day. You lucky. Currently I decide keep it, but I do not have need on it anymore. If it interfere with smth it will be killed and all your scripts stop work.
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  4. Kites

    AFK Arena discussion

    so I got the values, but how do I freeze them? I'm kinda newbie in this. Thank you for your help.
  5. I need help to fix this bug on redmi note 7, thank! Had try other virtual but still bug Screenrecorder-2019-06-17-08-06-44-36.mp4
  6. It works fine for me, did it for mine and the wife's with no problems
  7. This script just led to an update popup, nothing else.
  8. Maybe, but im too lazyy... Anyway, stay tuned !
  9. I've been using this technique for a long time, and undococumented api inside gg. Someone with good brain will know how to surpasses this.
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  11. Enyby


    First attempt. Lua script on GG 82.0. 35 seconds for 595 searches. Not usable for production. It can be search too long time and too many times. Second attempt. Lua script with backing new features for not released GG. 0.5 seconds for build chains of pointers with depth 3. Good result. New GG version and awesome script will be released soon.
  12. I meant because of the protection not because I can't find the values But still in some heroes I can't find it so I'll use this method too so thank you anyway
  13. Maybe you have stuff that increases/decreases your energy on your heroes, or the values change a little. Try to fuzzy search for a Double with "increase" when you get energy and "unchanged" when your at max energy, and you can still search for 0 after the ultimate is launched. Once you found the value, you can check if max energy is still 1000.
  14. Is there known way to even try to pass the protection of the game? Edit* It seems that in smaller levels the protection doesn't work or works rarely But in my 89 level account I haven't yet completed a battle with the energy / hp hack [added 4 minutes later] This is what I do Start the battle Pause the game right away before your heroes hit or get hit Search 0 with type E double Un pause and wait for a hero to get his ultimate and don't use it Pause and refine 1000 The results should be your heroes energy Select the values and freeze them. That's all
  15. Hello people I could discover in this forum still no script for this game. Maybe somebody can create a script with noclip or fly or God mode. Name: Sandbox 3D Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.catsbit.sandbox3d
  16. Just too bad GG can't implement some type of protection against the ability to see searches/edits... Guess as always, takes a few to ruin it for all.
  17. This is a basic idea. It can be developed further. But the main point is this. And logging cannot help bypass such protection. It is fundamentally impossible. Even in the simplest version, such protection is enough to stop most fans to copy pieces of code from the logs.
  18. Ahhhh. Gotcha. Basically have multiple searches, only 1 search is the legit search. As it is, the scripts, I have badcase do, we rarely to never search the real value. And the real value is no where near it either.
  19. ivoc

    Cant hack Dungeon Maker

    I think it's not agreed
  20. Game Name: Evil Lands Online Action RPG Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ragequitgames.evillands APK Link: https://m.apkpure.com/evil-lands-online-action-rpg/com.ragequitgames.evillands Cheat Requested: We will be glad to everything!
  21. You can download a couple of pages of memory and find what you need on lua. There will be nothing in the logs. Approximately find what you need, and then filter the rest on lua.
  22. Search in a complicated way, not a simple one. Since the code can be hidden and it is much more difficult to get to it - look for several things, read offsets from them, and then edit through setValues. Also use getValues. This will not allow tracking logic to repeat it. For example, I do three searches, then from one of the results I take an offset of 100, read the value from it, and so on. In the log it will be a jumble.
  23. Appears it only disguises the edit, not the search. Half the battle with gg is what to find, not how to edit. If value is Encrypted and unique and your search gives it away, editing can easily be figure out without logging.
  24. I already write this before: Anti-peeping mechanism (#4mlryoah)
  25. Maybe give a hint as the direction to go in writing such protected scripts? You imply it's possible, but I feel no one knows how except yourself.
  26. How to get "main controller"! requirements! SORTE PRECAUTIONS obs:. if you opt for the precautions you should be aware that you run a risk of being banned, but if you do everything offline and then desequipa the modified equipment you will not be banned! GET TO THE BOSS CATCHING TIP
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