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  2. TopGEOYT


    I need link , not name .
  3. my name in telegram is Ralf Crafter
  4. please i only have a fb account
  5. bro idont have a telegram
  6. It is not completely server based as it works offline. The name of game is " samurai vs zombie defence 2 ". I even tried changing value in airplane mode but it still does not works.
  7. If it is server side game u cannot hack it . Also some offline games have good detection system too and values are reversing after hacking and u will get ban . Just tell me which game is this .
  8. does it need modded apk ?! sorry im newbie here
  9. You can directly change blue/purple crystal value you just have to make sure 2 values are the same at the same time. One of the 2 values is encrypted with xor tho here's what it look like There's no way to make it free with GG you might change it to make it look like it's free at most but that's it. There's another way to get the hero you want tho You just have to group search number of materials you have in your bag e.g. on my screenshot I have 999 materials 5 times in a row so I search 999;999;999;999;999:17 Once you have the right value you just need to go to the value's address scroll down a little and you'll have the id for every materials you have in your bag. You just need to fidle a little with them and you'll easily figure out how id work. (Materials id range between 101 to 719 and You need to restart the game to summon them) Chest drop rate can be changed 0.259% is just 259D and 4.900% is simply 4900D So with a group search you can find them and change them. For weapon you should just upgrade weapon to find level once you've found the level value go to the address and change id and level When you know weapon id you can just do group search to make it faster. (2505, 2511, 2517, 2523, 2529 are the id for best weapons) Fell free to ask if you didn't understand something but if you don't know how to goto address or what Xor or group search is then there is a great guide in GG just go and read help in GG, there are also guides in this forum if needed.
  10. TopGEOYT


    Send me telegram profile and i will help u .
  11. I dont understand what u mean : "than yours" . He just ask for help and i helped him . Owner will forseen that encrypion is badand he will change it.
  12. View File Critical ops Script Critical ops script works for beta to Submitter I-Do-Trolling Submitted 05/21/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  13. Version 1.0


    Critical ops script works for beta to
  14. U can use Unlimited Turn tricks. Search ur turn with Encrypted code... reduce it.. search again... the code value will be 444.*****
  15. iam trying to modify Coins in the game i tried to edit it directly by changing coins value but it didnt work for me or i i dont have much experience for it
  16. Hi I have gg installed in parallel. I want to hack the Hogwarts mystery game, however parallel doesn’t even show the game in the list what do I do? Uninstall the game and reinstall?
  17. I tried searching for coins in an offline game named svz 2 and found a dword address which was corresponding to exact coins number. I changed it to 9999 and then saved it and went to game and made a small purchase...normally in other games when I change coins and make purchase the coins change to that number but in this case nothing happened and coins were still not changed. After that tried the option add to value of coins 999 but still no changes happened even after making a small purchase and I had also tried freezing the value but still no changes. Please tell me what should I do? ( I know the address of coins but can't change it)
  18. @TopGEOYT This is a public forum, not a place to steal someone else's information or decrypt a file other than yours.
  19. bro Top Geo u are the cuase why i create this compiler you inspire me you are my idol [added 1 minute later] anaway bro can you help me some function in my compiler so no one can decrypt it please im beging you bro please idol
  20. View File OffroadoutlawsscriptbyBeAsTMoDzv1.lua Offroad outlaws script v1 This script contains: Cash hack Gold hack Subscribe to my youtube channel *BeAsT*Modz* for more scripts like this!! Submitter Tommy626262 Submitted 05/21/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  21. Yesterday
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Offroad outlaws script v1 This script contains: Cash hack Gold hack Subscribe to my youtube channel *BeAsT*Modz* for more scripts like this!!
  23. Well that all depends on which of his scripts your talking about, if its the one that he sold passwords to that were hard coded in the script to say no more uses left for the password no matter if the password had ever been used before, or possibly his fake urban script (that might have actually been the same one) I am sure he uses a similar method to the one found in my launcher after all he seems to attempt to emulate me in most things, but hey that ebook is a novel idea, amazing that he can teach you to write scripts for android AND ios when there isnt even a way to run a script on ios.....
  24. I think the real question is why dont you invest the time, effort and and energy Enyby invested to learn the things he did??not sure what is worse "selfish" or lazy and entitled
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