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  2. @NoFear Do you know how to get 5 stars instant in class and missions? I'm in 5 Year, Chapter 10, and I'm tired of so much clicking, I use an auto click, but it's still boring
  3. the hack of the shield does not work could you repair it for the new version Thank you very much I love your script :) please repair it :'c
  4. How to dupe any item... In the current version?
  5. How do i get unbanned ... There has to be a way ... I will pay if you can unban my account... Is there any way to hack their servers
  6. Nope . Use this version : NeoTerm.apk
  7. Use neoterm . It can install JAVA JDK 8-9 with one click .
  8. you prefer delete my message than answers, nice ! even on this post you delete it , don't understand why
  9. Hello ! What I got to hack - the health of enemy dragons can be hit and look for the modified value. While working 100% The health of my dragons have not yet tried to hack. Of course there are thoughts, with the help of a script, to crack the health of all the dragons at once, but I still don’t understand how to do it. Each new pack of dragons, with new values. Any thoughts on how to implement? Eggs, gold and food can not be hacked, the values are stored on the server.
  10. My mobile phone is S7 edge updated to the latest version of Android 8.0 version LINE Rangers can not accelerate other game acceleration Modification is normal PDA: G935FXXS4ESC7 CSC: G935FZZT4ESC7
  11. It's possible to hack unlimited diamonds and money.you can download the script for Gangster Vegas here
  12. How to find and hack the Progressbar to be always at 100% For example in CriticalOps a Defuse Hack haha
  13. NoFear


    @Enyby Arm64 Hex E1030032 E003142A E203152A E3031FAA Op code ORR W1, WZR, #1 MOV W0, W20 MOV W2, W21 MOV X3, XZR GG opcode ORR W1, WZR, #-0x1 ORR W0, WZR, W20 ORR W2, WZR, W21 ORR X3, XZR, XZR Edit: Arm64 Hex BF02006B Opcode CMP W21, W0 Gg Opcode Subs wzr, w21, w0
  14. BadCase

    Day R Survival

    Hey, all of my scripts are now used from my script launcher here is the link BadCase's Script Launcher (#5vkp70uo)
  15. Please update the script !! :D nice work sir !
  16. Yesterday
  17. Hi, I know how to mod everything in Tropic escape except for boosts. I can level up with GG, gems, items, photos, keys, gems, sand dollars, sunshine, keys. I would like to learn to do the boosts. Is anyone willing to help me? Please and thank you.
  18. It is possible to have... In fact it was one of the first games that Game Guardian was used exclusively for... You just have to go through more steps than other games
  19. Not possible... Gameloft has had that games security on full lockdown since it became free back in 2016
  20. Is there any way at all to hack the values in this game? There use to be a way by putting in the following code and then all the values for money and gold would show up and you could change them Your gold --> ;327680;327699::5
  21. @BadCase on the previous page in which you provided a link for a free version of the script(I'm assuming), I believe it is broken or the file was removed. Can you confirm what happened?
  22. Great to hear but how can I get acces to his script library? edit: I think I find out https://badcase.org/ I am looking for your script.i will be happy to be donor
  23. Plans to create script with @BadCase for his script library.
  24. Now you see the frustration.... It's not that everyone has it.... It's that people think these joke YouTubers did it.
  25. Yea that will also work.I tried to pm you but it doesn’t allow me to.
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