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  2. Maybe... Last night was bored. Debug armv7 of the game.... So, working on a release for it
  3. He is most likely using game guardian [added 1 minute later] Actually there is a script out there that is from 1.4.3 version and works on the new version. They didn't fix everything
  4. You actually modding the lib? If so, you actually know how to debug? Or just searching hex from original version?
  5. I try to find some values... i have a lot other stuf which is not for public post...
  6. It's the same hex as last version... just funny it's taken others this long to find what didn't change. Keep an eye out at Sbenny tomorrow or 2 days from now..... ;)
  7. NoFear


    I figured wouldn't be simple. Just hoping it's in future plans
  8. Today
  9. Hey @punkaZ I found a rapid fire code, you search 60 in float in the Code app memory range "Xa" and edit it to no lower than 30 then when you join a match edit the value back to 60 once you win or a match is done edit the value back to 30 and repeat
  10. maulz

    Help moderator

    Goto "Download Lua Script" then scroll till you found this
  11. Enyby


    It is hard task. Need implement assembler.
  12. I used the Script with wallhack...If I Start game, so i get 2 times Ban. Why? I
  13. Mobile Legend wont load on VirtualXposed. huhu
  14. Sh3rl0ck

    Mobile Legend

    hello everyone im wondering if there is mobile legend diamond/starlight hack? - sincerely yours,
  15. I know a values for nitro... And how you can find them.
  16. NoFear


    @Enyby Amazing.... Arm64 opcodes now added Will gg eventually accept opcodes and convert to hex? Ex: rather than enter 0100A0E3r I can do Mov r0, #1 and GG will change to hex? doesn't have to be a method of editing. Could be like the xor calculator, but instead a built in arm->hex converter? Best Android app ever made. Keep up the amazing work.
  17. J0M4R

    Help moderator

    How to creat topics in lua scripts section newbie here thanks for answering
  18. Hello im new here hehehe i just wanna say thank you for become a member in this forum
  19. Enyby

    chromebook compatible

    Android only. if your chromebook use Android, then maybe work.
  20. on = "[ ON ]" off = "[ OFF ]" status = off function main() local menu = gg.choice({status.." Anti pinball", "Exit"}, nil, "Demo script.") if menu == 1 then if status == off then status = on else status = off end process() elseif menu == 2 then os.exit() end end function process() if status == on then gg.searchNumber("526", gg.TYPE_DWORD) save = gg.getResults(100) -- Many values will be saved gg.editAll("65536", gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.addListItems(save) gg.clearResults() gg.toast("Success active Anti pinball!", true) else -- Reverting values gg.getListItems(save) for i, v in ipairs(save) do save[i].value = "526" end gg.setValues(save) gg.removeListItems(save) gg.toast("Success deactive Anti pinball!", true) end end while true do if gg.isVisible() then gg.setVisible(false) main() end end You can use this if you want
  21. How to use any pubG hacking Script in MI NOTE 4 Plzz give me a video
  22. Just like Revo's script, only the modifiers specified by Revo can be opened, others cannot be opened.
  23. So what are the steps?
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