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  2. 0x5180 in .bss section.
  3. setValues can edit many values. Just call setValues on table with many items.
  4. sky25

    Archero Script

    @ItsSC Is your 5-10 day old account still active or has it been wiped? My main account is stuck on a "warning page" that tells me NOT to use illegal 3rd party programs. I can't get rid of it. I think it's the dev's new way of "banning" accounts. Anyone else got this stuck-prompt message that keeps coming back?
  5. TopGEOYT

    Revo Full Decrypt

    It is not war . It is just deafeating revo for everyone stop using his encryption .
  6. lol noob stop decompile war
  7. TopGEOYT

    Revo Full Decrypt

    Hello guys. It is message for everyone who want to decrypt revo scripts . I can now full decrypt any revo encryption . Yes yes , full decrypt . If you want PM me on telwgram but no cost cheap . At least 8$ . Come and lets fack to @Revoxtical together .
  8. Today
  9. I think that would only be possible through ida
  10. If know that this is static address of coins? And I reverse libgame.so what address should i be looking for during static analysis of LIbgame.so to find coins ? @Enyby @NoFear
  11. Are u saying that how to edit multiple values in saved list?
  12. In lua scripting i know about setValues but i can only edit some not all help me pls
  13. can possible / impossible :v maybe depends on game
  14. Like edit many values in the save list items ty
  15. What? Sounds like gibberish. Explain in detail what is at stake.
  16. Unlimited ammo? In online games is possible or impossible??
  17. ishakk

    AFK Arena discussion

    if only the diamond can be cracked, surely there will be many who like it
  18. Hello can anyone teach me how to edit multiple values in save selection or save items? I need help thank you
  19. How do you do unlimited nitro? Always wanted to know. Plz reply
  20. Karsenrocks77

    Csr 2

    Hello! I'm looking for a Csr 2 script that can include all colors in the customization shop, on any car that cannot be customized, EX. Hobbs Dodge demon, Hobbs roadrunner ETC. Thanks!
  21. you can find value random example unlimited ammo, jump hack, or etc with fuzzy search
  22. Tap counter use Java only. Java use heap. Heap is it complicate thing and not related to .bss or .data. In fact, if you not have native lib, you do not have static memory like .bss or .data. It is section of .so file.
  23. Anyone know how to find value like jump through wall? I know it possible beacuse i have been tried it on script other people
  24. farm heroes saga lifes work , i try in tap counter not find why?
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