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How to find XOR key - example on game Bullet Force - GameGuardian


1. Find value in memory with encrypted search.
2. Use value from game as key and remember result.
3. Do it again with another value. If result still same as previous then this is your XOR key. If not - then it is not XOR encryption.


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Hey mate 

It's know some games using 444,444 as xor key ? This meaning that this value is 0 and the difference between this value and the other decrypted value in the game resource is our target value. 444,444 and 444,446 

The value is two 2 ? 2x4 search faster than value is encrypted. But in some games using xor decryption. The key is always changing with the value change ! And find it with (value is encrypted search is impossible! 

Why? It's very powerful search 

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Yes. You can use 2x4 search (xor search) here.

Encrypted search have some limitation.

Xor search too. 

Every method have some pro and cons. You need choose appropriate. In this case it can be xor search or normal search with xor converter if you know persist xor key. It can be faster from xor search and more precise. 

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Yes I noticed that value is encrypted search vey good with the games that using xor key but this key must be constant. Not changing. 

But if it's changing between the difference then our encrypted search is unless. 

But anyway thank you for xor search. I never seen this mode in any other memory editor tools 

Your development is awesome ?

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Why don't you allow negative offset when doing [value]X[xor_key_offset]? The key could be after the value, it is not always before it.

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Ooh I'm dumb you're right. However, it could be more comprehensible sometimes to put negative offsets.

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Okay wtf. I am learning about XOR and did exactly what the video shows. I don't get 444xxx key. All I get are two 31 values, 1st value doesn't do anything and second changes bullet value but it also makes the game lag very bad. It's unplayable. Please advise, thanks

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