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Hill Climb Racing 2 - hack coins and gems - edit with fill - GameGuardian


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Being rooted you can find repetitouch pro for free... Open that and game guardian, go to free chest page, long press gg to open the speed hack, crank it up to 3600 and watch the time drain, then use the auto touch to simulate an infinite loop of pressing the chest then done a few times, then go to work or something lol, on my choppy slow tablet I'm logging 600 gems/hour plus a few million gold and a crazy number of parts... You're welcome ?


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58 minutes ago, Johnson99 said:

crank it up to 3600

In settings GG you can set bigger speed if you want.

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3600 suffices for my slow tablet ? the lag works out that as soon as the done button is pressed the chest is ready again. That's good to know though.

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On 26/7/2017 at 1:39 AM, Enyby said:

In settings GG you can set bigger speed if you want.

Uh, i gooo to try ??

Thank you ?

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Hello sir. 

Can you please explain what this mean?

Game freeze after edit value. It's real protect

Shadow fight. In play store changelogs. They added anti cheat system. 

And it's possible for gg to cheat this system?!


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25 minutes ago, Enyby said:

Read text in message. All explained in it.

Protect in the game. It's 80%

Okay. Thanks 

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In hill climb racing 2 i Can't change the diamond or coins.

It says internal data corrupted


What do i need to do?

How can i get unlimited coins and diamond there? Please help me on that.

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I haven't tried anything for a few months now but I know they redesigned where data was stored for the game, meaning it's server side now and not client... Your only hope would be to change the gold in single player offline mode is my guess...

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