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  2. @Crystal_Mods100x well this is for Homescapes and lucky patcher won't work in this game. The Xa code was provided by @NoFear and he also mentioned to revert the values before closing the game (after the purchases are done), but I think @souklar should delete all folders of this game and install a fresh copy (of the game) and retry again, otherwise use a different device and emulator. This happened with me as well, although I was not using a virtual space but an emulator.
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  4. try this. one for size --main code --Version: 1.0 --description: toxic executor v1.0 local gg = gg local cmds = {"cmd 1","cmd 2"} --checks the item[1] which is a table and if its true then it will print hack on then sets item to nil then do main() which is back then stop function checkAnswer(item) if item[1] == cmd[1] then print("hack on") item = nil main() end if item[1] == cmd[2] then print("hack off") item = nil main() end end --executor runs a function which passes itself into another function which gets accessed function main() su = gg.prompt({"ENTER A CMD"}, {[1] = '0'}, {[1] = 'text'}) checkAnswer(su) end --executor booter st = gg.choice({"Launch Executor", "exit"}) if st == 1 then main() end if st == 2 then os.exit() end
  5. The function searchNumber get multiple parameters. the third parameters is for encrypted search. gg.searchNumber("50", gg.TYPE_DWORD, true, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1, 0) The third parameters take a boolean that mean only true or false, if you set it to false gg will search to normal, else if you set it to true gg will search to encrypted. i hope this was usefull.
  6. 1. of course editing a dangerous values in a range that could cause harm to the process. 2. How in every game? and did you even know what you were doing? if you are no root clear the data of your virtual space then restart right there if you are root then it would be dangerous to edit random Xa values when you have an app called lucky patcher i don't think there isn't much to do (change my mind others) but try to delete the app u corrupted and restart your device. if that does not work im still here
  7. Because fifa has found a way to hide the app process from gg enyby will look into this problem im pretty sure
  8. @MarioRossi93i are you planning to update the script for the new 9.4 version? Thanks in advance
  9. Also, indent your code to make it more readable, it make debuging more easy
  10. If you want do hack game in others way i recomend you to learn game modding, there is a lot of vidéo on youtube
  11. hi Berinjela yes it help me your method is very fast ( i find dword value 95.999 set to zero for stop car ) thanks a lot thanks mario too im limited to personal message a big thanks for you 2
  12. well i had never learn Lua compare to you..but not by specific term in the meaning. so my knowledge not that deep. but i do write lua scripts from time to time. what i did to your script was purely base on how i would write it as if it was my script. the normally way i would write it. on more technical reason as to why your script giving the errors while right off the bat things seem all right... that maybe someone else with more deep knowledges of Lua can provide their inputs. Master @Enyby perhaps.
  13. I know gg is best but others may offer some different features then gg which may be useful
  14. In the search of silver you will lost gold
  15. Is their any tool which can act as alternative of game guardian.
  16. use the command convert = bit32.bxor(string [value], int [xor key]) [added 3 minutes later] For example if i want to search 50 but the xor encryption is 444444 i will do like this value = bit32.bxor('50', 444444) gg.searchNumber(value, 4, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1, 0)
  17. You can use the free modified version available on android. You try to search for car parking multiplayer mod apk at techbigs offline.
  18. The game is great, I can practice hard level parking with different types of vehicles and locations, but I am getting a message asking to update to a new version of car parking multiplayer, do you have Can I update it?
  19. All good thank [added 1 minute later] If it's not difficult, you can tell what the problem was.
  20. find the address by group, edit all to 99999 hex value: https://pastebin.com/4DSkN8Fa
  21. Can anyone help me how to edit everything in here? Its a kairosoft game Appreciate it if anyone can teach me how
  22. Use Record script and preform a Xor search that should give you the run through on syntax
  23. Who did try Valor Legends ? Thank you
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