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  2. C'mon guys - learn to research! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=game+guardian+xor The key was even posted here already: 1. click search icon 2. input your coin value 3. click down arrow 4. click "XOR=...?" 5. input XOR key 6. set Type = Dword 7. click new search
  3. Pirikoo

    Duplicate Hack ?

    Hello , I need to copy the item in the game below how can I do it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.JuixGames.DarzasDominionNew
  4. Is there a way to get the Duelling Club old enchants, like meteolojinx, Obscuro. Thanks.
  5. Use autopause. Or script which do some action in background.
  6. i can't seem to find any values anymore using game guardian on this game. every time i opened game guardian, the splash screen appears and and i think the values are reset, making it hard to find any addresses. can anyone help me? thanks in advance.
  7. Zedgmer

    Automatic Script

    yes bro, i have limit to publish in @soffter second after posting this, you answered me, I leave the post the same to see if anyone else can help
  8. ItsSC

    Automatic Script

    Wait.. are you @soffter ?
  9. Zedgmer

    Automatic Script

    Hello, can someone help me how to do this sequence automatically in a script? Game guardian help is not helpful, they told me to learn to create offset script but I can't find anything about it 2019-11-14_11-05-48.mp4
  10. What is the script effect?
  11. well..you can either use the script or watch a youtube video of chopper level hack that i posted here before...its pretty much the same method.
  12. Same, I struggle with changing values.., that's why It's better if I see a video for help I can't even use script for MKT so for now I'm trying to figure out a way to hack the game till they make another version
  13. How did you hack caps?
  14. just drop by...to tell you guys... Caps for the slots machine...was so easy to hack. after a few spins...me got 2 transmission.
  15. you do it with one ticket? because I have millions of results and I can not change the shop to unlock the characters I do not have
    It doesn’t work, when im clicked anywhere in the pickup menu it's writing : "searching for iron ore" and threw me back into the pickup menu ;( Food&Water too don't work just spam errors, works only armor, help please.
  16. Every thing is dword,float,qword Search refine hack No need for lua
  17. Hi. I have a question, you can get banned for only hack tickets (pilot, carts, glidders) ?. Thanks @SchilliWilli You can make a video tutorial dor him ? Its very great
  18. xshivax

    Mario Kart tour

    it's easy for coin and ticket.. you just need search for an encrypted value then change XOR value
  19. Hello everybody. I am try to hack pubg mobile with gg. I know there were many script for this game. But I have a question: Did they get some hard to find value(recoil, character render, wall hack, ..) by luck or they actually can extract game code to get that kind of value? Some unity game which I can analysis game code to get the value effect gameplay but I can not do it in pubg mobile ( unreal engine 4) . It is too hard for me.
  20. Script ended: Invalid binary script header. Unknown version. Expected '52' but found 'ffffff85'. Unknown format. Expected '0' but found '7'. Invalid binary script header. Unknown version. Expected '52' but found '6a'. Unknown format. Expected '0' but found '45'. __/\\\\\\\\\\\________________________________/\\\\\\\\\\\__________/\\\\\\\\\_ _\/////\\\///_________________________________/\\\////////////\\\_____/\\\////////__ _____\/\\\_________/\\\____________________\//\\\______\///____/\\\/___________ _____\/\\\______/\\\\\\\\\\\__/\\\\\\\\\\___\////\\\__________/\\\_____________ _____\/\\\_____\////\\\////____\/\\\/////////_______\////\\\________\/\\\_____________ _____\/\\\________\/\\\______\/\\\\\\\\\\_________\////\\\___\//\\\____________ _____\/\\\________\/\\\_/\\__\////////\\\\\\___/\\\____\//\\\___\///\\\__________ __/\\\\\\\\\\\____\//\\\\\____/\\\\\\\\\\\___\///\\\\\\\\\\\______\////\\\\\\\\\_ _\////////////////______\///////____\////////////////____\//////////////////___________\/////////__ The script wrote 22 B to 0 files.
  21. The Heroes icon on the radar are blinking then suddenly the radar hack just gone, I think the script is not working now.
  22. @BadCase Can i have your script/launcher? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks.
  23. Try lua script once But remember if the value of hold increase more than limit They will ban u
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