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    Not enough instruction don't know how script works
  2. Vulvyt

    Tong its GO

    Help me hack Tongits go this app can make a real money
  3. Watch on YouTube: 95.0: NEON support in the ARM (x32) assembler - GameGuardian
  4. DezerDezer

    Value searching

    Sometimes when I search for a value change the value then refine it says no results found I need help on how to fix this I also used auto to search
  5. Name of Game: Royal Idle: Medieval Quest Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kongregate.mobile.medievalidle.google&hl=en Version: 1.1 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Elixir, Coin, Emerald, Card, Chest Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: No
  6. DezerDezer

    Value changing

    Sometimes when I try to change a value then I check the value doesn't change sometimes
  7. DezerDezer

    Value searching

    Some values I try to change and refine till I get 1 I end up getting more than one value and they both apply to the same thing I think and when I change the value the different types of value change and when I try to change all of them nothing changes how do I get only 1 result every time
  8. hi, the hphm icon does not appear help me.
  9. ok ok boss, even so i am very grateful and happy for your attempt to help us always count on us, we are here to add to your project, a great night of hugs of peace and tranquility! @END TOPIC
  10. Maybe anything. Usually, if some popular virtual space is not in the download section of virtual spaces, this means that its modification is unsuccessful, for one reason or another. Often this is protection against modifications.
  11. hello boss, i'm having a problem with this apk, the original apk from the playstore works normally, however the re-signed apk fails after opening, the possible problem is in the subscription, because I tested a test re-subscription in the apk editor myself and also had flaws, does the apk have any kind of protection? below a video demonstrating the problem of the optimized apk and the original apk working normally, once again thank you for your attention and for everything you are doing for us, we wish you great progress My video uploaded to: https://streamable.com/pvnpqn down for screenshots for diferent name in certs, possible problem?
  12. Super_Clone_3.6.41.0226_gg_signed.apk [added 1 minute later] Super Clone Super Clone 64bit
  13. Enyby

    Edit tencent gamestick

  14. This is my first post btw, I've always loved playing msm, and always wanted a unlimited resources mod of it, if you can do this It will mean a lot to me.
  15. hack gold doesnt work when you hack the energy. Use genuine energy only to make the hack gold work edit hack gold only work for the first 3 times. after 3 times hack gold, you must restart the game to hack the gold again
  16. hello, the shop that contains microtransaction is there a way to convert the price? from real money to in-game currency or something like that... help... and ty in advance
  17. Heh.... Even if successful.... Unless it's what I was doing.
  18. I tried not freezing it and I thought it worked until it crashed again I was editing double
  19. You are editing only the dword. Either save and change address -8 (make copy). Or goto address of the value. 2 lines above is a dword xor. Need to edit both to prevent integrity check.
  20. When ever I try to edit my ammo in games on roblox and I freeze it my game crashes
  21. Yesterday
  22. Hello, I have trouble when im trying to multiply items in Pixel Survival 2. That game have function that you can split stack of items in inventory to number what you want. I just search for number of items, then i split them, then refine and repeating untill i get 3 variables changing with items in stack: DWORD, WORD and BYTE. when i freeze them, i go back to game and try splitting it. But its splitting, and after few second the game crashes. Please help mee
  23. Hi everyone, i need help to hack game Random Dice : PvP Defence. I use Magisk Manager : root; magisk hide and GameGuardian and i try hack the game. If i try change any value or use speedhack, game close, or my device reboot permanently. I think it's ptrace.. Video and screenshot add And sorry for bad English, guys, with love ❤
  24. Hi any body can do some thing with this game. Package Name: com.superking.parchisi.star Are available different versions to check if have any idea. Best regards
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