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  2. Anyone ha the code for shrimp or blue viper pattern. Been messing with text search with no success. Got the fisherman stuff do, except burley
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  4. ANOOB

    Doesn't work

    This isn't working for me I watched a tutorial on yt and it worked for the people doing it but it doesn't work for me while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) gg.sleep(1000) end end hax = 1 function main_menu() menus = gg.choice{"Giveaway","Jump","Mod","Others","Exit","I Quit This Game"} if menus == 1 then giveaway() end if menus == 2 then jump() end if menus == 3 then mod() end if menus == 4 then other() end if menus == 5 then os.exit() end if menus == 6 then os.exit() end if menus == nil then os.exit() end hax = 0 end function exit() end function giveaway() end function jump() end function mod() end function other() end function exit() end function quit() end if hax == 1 then main_menu() end
  5. netfire97

    Royal Dice

    I'm using my phone rooted with Magisk
  6. Did u download parallel space on playstore. Cuz that one doesnt work only the version on gg works.
  7. I got a method to hack gold dollars and ships without banning your account. Need Virtual Xposed and Warship Battle. 1. Warship Battle , Game Guardian on Virtual Xposed. 2. Play the game with data on. 3. The open GG floating icon. 4. Select process of game. 5. Go to store. 6. See that warship that you want but locked. 7. Open GG and search for values of warship HP( Hitpoints) and Episode No. __. 8. Then change the value of Episode No. __ to 0 so that warship will be unlocked. 9. If you have that amount of dollars them purchase it, otherwise search the value of warship amount $9500000 for Forrestral Aircraft carrier to desired amount.. 10. Complete EPISODE 10 to unlock BOSS STAGES OR ATTACK. 11. Search values of gold and dollars and change Gold Value to MAXIMUM 7000 [OTHERWISE ACCOUNT WILL BE BANNED]. 12. Save the game . Didn't understand watch this video.
  8. The link dont work pls update
  9. zam535582


    yup. and in some cases....Pubg will still faces some problem to run..or at least of what i heard. but difinitely...still not save from ban. just seek guides from Youtube...there are many videos about cheating in Pubg. Good luck to you.
  10. PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ExiliumGames.Anima Help me: damage, hp, mana, item, .....
  11. View File Dancing Line SpeedHack Hi everyone it's me again This provides speed hack which makes the game easier and harder Password : 6006 (in case you need it) No encryption ... yet Just notify me if you encounter any problems or wanna remake Submitter TheDocMods Submitted 11/22/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  12. Please Riquest Script, Yulgang Global Mobile.. thx
  13. Same with samsung s10+
  14. I have the same problem! When i try ti enter the game after 1 min i taking me offside! Pubgmobile
  15. Adrian22d


    Hello can u help me with a question? Why when i clone the gg and the game after that trying to get into the game 1 min later it's taking me off i repeated 10 times the same problem!the game is pubg im using samsung s10+ no rooted, i tried a lot of apps like parallel space and etc...
  16. Last week
  17. Does anyone know of a lua for this game? I'm really wanting to add gold to my current save, since I've been playing since day 1.
  18. The value I noticed does change when I edit the xor value. The problem is when the game adds the coins you picked up in the game the edited value will go down to your original value + coins you collected. Maybe it's checking with the server and updating to the amount of coins you should actually have? O.o
  19. Maybe you try read API help and use examples from there?
  20. Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sega.low Can anyone help me hack this game. I know its server sided but u can alwas try.
  21. Does not work anymore. Game no longer use ptrace by the way, for those who want to test some stuff. So no longer need the use of virtual space, etc.
  22. Interesting, wasn't aware of the formula calculator. It works perfectly, thank you!
  23. Sorry for late reply no wifi. But you dont need to add the function hide thing it should auto do it [added 0 minutes later] Yes you are correct ty for helping out
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