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Upgrade the game 3, global hack with string search

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Hi, I reworked my hack on this game which was not working anymore.

I show how you can sometimes search for strings with interesting/sensitive names to get to the places you want, like the money structure, and then the game structure. Of course here I know the game structure already, but I hope it serves as a "proof of concept" for some people, and I think it can definitely be a good strategy for some games as long as you're confident with pointers (I hope this will help understand them more too).

It should not get outdated by any updates since it would require a change at the core of the game to prevent it, and I don't even think the dev minds it.


For the fast way, search for that and follow the beginning of the video: 113D;113D;361D;-1D;361D;501D::17

(comment at 7:33 should be at 7:50, sry for the confusion ^^)


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Hi sir

Can u plz Hack this game ludo king


I tried everything i know like dowrd fuzzy to qeord fuzzy but at some places there r many results and some places there is nothing. At last i got Frustated and quited this game 😭

I was Hacking the coin stuff as we can play Offline and it gives to 250 coin as we play offline in every match with computer 

Plz help sir

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      URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.suduck.upgradethegame3&amp;hl=en
      Version: 1.15
      I couldn't bear the audio and graphics any longer so I decided to break the game :).
      The values were incredibly hard to find without any idea of how they were encoded, so I used the player preferences file and decoded some part (base 64) to find what exactly to search for (shown at the end of the video). Then I went back the structure of the game from the XP value I found (pointer searches).
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