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How do I script for a search of a hex value that the beginning of the hex and the end is always the same but the middle changes everytime the game opens.

Example 0000007F697F1E98 0000007F697C9E98 0000007F69148E98

That's the same value I need to find, each one is from opening the game again, as you can see the begining and ending remain the same but the middle digits change.
Is there a way to search for 0000007??????E98h
And what do the colors mean?
When I GOTO and browse the hex values are mostly white text but some are yellow or purple or red.

Thanks in advance!

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You can use group search of bytes. Search string for your case may look like the following:


With this search string and selected "Byte" type it should find all sequences of bytes that match your pattern. However, it can also find some sequences that don't match the pattern fully. This is because it's not possible to specify a range for finding a byte of pattern "?E", but one can specify a range that includes all of the values that match the pattern. This alone is enough to eliminate some non-matching bytes, including the most frequent value in memory - 0.

To exclude results that are not full matches of the pattern, you need to check 7th byte of every found byte sequences. If it doesn't match the pattern "?E", delete currently checked sequence from search results.

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