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I am in unable to get my speedhack working for Pianista. For all the previous versions of gameguardian that I have used in the past up until the last 2 versions of gameguardian, have worked flawlessly with the app. Is it something I'm doing wrong, a change in the app itself perhaps (hopefully not lol), or maybe something I can do with gameguardian to get it to function properly. I still consider myself a beginner in gameguardian and would greatly appreciate any help from the more experienced users and devs. 

Phone: Moto Z3 Play, rooted with Magisk

Current GG version: 94.0

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      I was playing astral fable and using GameGuardian on my non-rooted phone with the help of VirtualXposed and the SpeedHack seems to be working fine.
      I tried playing astral fable and using GameGuardian on my PC using NOX emulator but the speedhack is not working well
      How can i fix this? I will really appreciate the fast response.

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      There are other LUA scripts but they don't work.
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      I have my speedhack settings set to:
      so don't know 'exactly' after what speed the game desyncs, but on my settings, I can set the speed to whatever (it stops making a difference at either 12x or 24x), but after a battle is done (which I assume is when it queries the server) if I'm not on 3x-6x or slower, I'll get an error which I'm guessing has to do with syncing, not sure. In the error message there's some fine print that might explain things... is this something that's been happening recently that you've heard of, or did a recent update of theirs 'battle' against the speedhack? Wasn't always like this before. 

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