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Plz help...Now parralae spece can't support google play...cant connect with google id....plz reply nd help.

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Try parallel space lite .

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    • By Love11
      Why no reply???? Parallel space not support google play id.😑😑GU.. We already reported 5day ago..still its not fixed..🙁🙁 .... po lzzz help us..😭🤚
    • By Love11
      Hlw sir.....its already 6th day.....parallel space can't support google play ...why!!!!! ..i reported a lot nd msg ..but still no Help.😐😐😐😐😐 Plz help adims . plz Fix Parallel space .🙏🙏
    • By Love11
      Hlw sir..plz help urgently....i already post comment ...reply sir.... Now in parallel spece . google play id not supportd..we cant log in our id.😑😑😑 plz help
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      as you said in help that fill can be used when we cant change the value. 
      I followed the video you gave me, but after the first increase, the result in the game didn't change and the result on GG increased 1. what should I do now?
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      Would you please help me to hack " Hawk Freedom Squadron " ???
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      Best regards,
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