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  1. Affann

    Decrypt Please

    It is not even encrypted dude. [SSDECOMP]loadx2.lua
  2. Some LF enc is left but u can do yourself as it is irrelevant from codes or script [LOAD1]KOSADKA.luaBPISX.SGDec.lua
    Nice script but encryption: [xAffan_DEC]Axes.io Hack (AniHack).lua
  3. TopGEO V9 [xAffan_DEC]Axes.io Hack (AniHack).lua
  4. TopGEO V9 [xAffan_DEC]Axes.io Hack (AniHack).lua
  5. I have no idea but both my editor and gg shows these characters instead of emojis. I think they are damaged?
  6. No the text editor is fine. It is just bugged because script[when loaded] also shows those characters instead of emojis. How to fix?
  7. I have seen many scripts where they have like ðŸâ€â„¢ instead of actual emoji. What is this and how to get the emoji behind it?
  8. Affann

    Pls decrypt this one

    Outdated script so here it is [Dec].lua
  9. This script was unique as there is no other script for SAMP which I know of. I decided to improve this script a little, no need to exit for money hack, menu improvement[with condition if for nil]. Added functions instead of plain codes etc, close and open script. Since this is a compiled script, I also decided to compile the improved script so owner wouldn't worry about his codes becoming public. MESSAGE for author: You are free to pm for not compiled version of this and you can even use it in your next update[no need credits]. I want to make this script user-friendly. I mean closing and opening script again and again is annoying. [IMPROVE]SAMP mobile V0.4.lua
    Good script but encryption not good [DEC]HideOnlineAniHack.DFS.lua
  10. You probably don't need it anymore but have fun looking at outdated codes lol. Decrypted.lua
  11. Yeah but its not easy when the script is encrypted and you dont know how that code works. well thank you I will keep learning
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