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  1. Hello boss look at this script it's working good but how I add magic rebase ?? offset.lua
  2. It's available in lua form I want to create a script using address
  3. I mean there is something possible like this -- gg.gotoadress (123456) gg.edit (9999) Something like that
  4. Hello everyone if anyone knows what I need to do please reply. First of all gg is capable of doing magic rebase in xa,cd etc. So I have a save list that Everytime gives me right address. See the image .. 1.text in red : it's the name of this function in save list. 2. Value in blue : it's the address of the value and it's always same (it's in xa). 3.value in green: 4 means dword I guess. 4. Value in yellow: if you load a list it's ask 3 options and if you select change value gg change address value to this value. 5. Text in Orange : it's the location of the original game lib. 6. And the last value is exact location in lib. Ex. Your lib offset is 0x123456 so in save list you can see 123455 in the last of the function. Sorry if I wrote something wrong. My English sucks Now my question is I know exact location of the value , address in game , offset in lib so there is any way to create a lua ?? I don't want group search. I am searching for something that gives me offset jump or address jump in lua. In memory editor tab we have the function go to address and it's working fine so is there any way to do that in lua so I don't need to do same thing in memory editor. And it's going to be more faster than group search because I know the exact location and editing values more easy. Thanks in advance and I using gg for very long time (2016 Maybe) it's never disappoint me and it's always updated with more awesome functions.
  5. I am from all Bangla tech tips you tube channel . I am really happy with your script how can I contact you
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