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  1. You can freeze the Mana u have so u can spam the first two skills without consuming Mana First step search the amount of Mana u have. Second use a skill and pause the app. Search fuzzy search decreased. Third wait til ur Mana is maxed again. Fourth. Search the amount of Mana u have again. Freeze the only result u have and voila! Unlimited mana
  2. Tatsuya91


    How do I hide gg from games? I've tried with rootcloak but I cant install xposed cuz my phone is not compatible. Can't with hide my root either cuz I'm using magisk... My phone is red mi note 5 pro
  3. How to find drop rate values? It's a hidden value that keeps changing. Any idea?
  4. I've found the values but they are unchangeable. I did it with the coins
  5. Tatsuya91

    Dupe Items

    I think I understand what u said. Any way to do this in Android? Mean capture and send fake packages
  6. Tatsuya91

    Dupe Items

    Game: Toram Online. Server-sided: Yes It is possible to hack this? maybe i saw someone posting some "Evidence" that can be hacked, atleast using NOX Emulator on PC, it is moddded, so i believe its possible. Ive been trying to do the LDOE method, search value of the item i want to dupe, then replace it on the shop (free or purchasable via spina) and i tried to get something like an xtal ie instead of iron, but so far no sucess... i found the values of the item i want to dupe (atleast when its in the bag) but couldnt find the exact adress i need to copy and where to paste it(Shop), anyone can coach me how to properly do it? or atleast give me tips on how to dupe items on an offline rpg so i can try them here. This could be fake but IF its possible, the death of this game has been announced with this image (atleast its economy). Judging by the teleporters, the guy has been manipulating the adresses by swapping the adresses of the crystals for teleporters (wich are cheap to buy).
  7. Basically fuzzy search til we find the constant drop rate value?
  8. It seems they patched the shop. Last time I played with Gg before. 573 I was able to buy vehicles with 1 cap. Now it seems impossible
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