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  1. Try re uploading again, its glitchy. [added 4 minutes later] I'm back, was on work overseas and not so active in the loop. Anyways for users of GG then complain please get out ot this site. Try to understand the situation that developers are humans too, they too have their own limits, capacities and some of them are self-taught, hence, we users sometimes donate and support their work. You have no right to criticize them in the first place because you haven't even help them in the first place. Be a good sissy okay? Instead of complaining, why not try to be resourceful and help each other here? And also stop attacking other people here. Hoping you turn into a new leaf and help us out and give us your inputs but not to demoralising the developers. Avoid ad hominems too. Please.
  2. Need a tester? Count me in. I'll do it when I get a new Laptop so I'll try it on Nox. [added 4 minutes later] Touch + Hold it. Do it with other items too. It counters the Dodge rating of other equipment with the Dodge stats. Usually in gears of Agility Type heroes. Also take note of Dura's Relics. It also has additional effects and its unique in each relic. You may also take note of Every hero's signature items, it boosts their attack ratings. Signature Items can be unlocked if the Hero becomes Mythic Tiered (Red Background/Portrait)
  3. In addition to your summary, include Guild Coins, Labyrinth Coins Gladiator Coins Lots and lots of Gold Coins And the Mythic Tier Stones at later levels, used on upgrading Mythic Gear to make your characters stronger wearing Mythic (Red) Gear. I've recently reached chapter 21, and the store is now selling Mythic Stones T1 (Tier 1). Heads up, this next week soon they will patch again, they are adding another Celestial Hero named Ukyo (and reference of that hero is based from Samurai Showdown's Ukyo Tachibana, Lol).
  4. I'm guessing its because of the patch. Every now and then, they patch the game sometimes one, twice or thrice a week, compensation with White diamonds of 300 or more. I usually read the patch that it has something to do with game stability, bugs, and One time only, i forgot the date, the patch is about security and its kinda large. Yes I tried that also even using the encrypted option scan but shows nothing. I haven't tried scanning the dangerous code areas because I am not sure what I am doing anymore hehehe.
  5. I don't kinda get this part. If this is in campaign mode, i haven't encountered this kind of problem. This only happens in Arcane Labyrinth, wherein you need to use Dura's tears to revive them and use them again with full combo meters. What I hypothesised in this picture is that maybe you need new heroes to pull from the tavern or worst i can think of is that maybe you're detected by the system of tampering the data.
  6. In video 1, regarding combos, it is system based and before you start the gameplay, the system will determine the total power, character stats, character equipments, skill bonuses, skill effects and AOE percentages and attacks as well as other factors that can be viewed in heroes page. The combo meter is filled up with damage over time accumulated, whether the character attacks or took damage, it fills up the combo meter, and there is an option there in later stages where you will let the system automatically activates their respective ultimate skills or manually. Every character of the game information can be viewed in heroes tab and you can check them One by one in portraits view, as well as their general stats when in Ascended tier and in a sample max level. (Tiers like Ascended can be higher than that displayed, reaching to 5 star ascended, making it more OP), and character levels reaching level 280 or maybe more.
  7. I support and upvote the campaign hack, if possible diamonds multiplier or rewards multiplier on bounty board is more convenient too.
  8. Agreed, battle replays will be reviewed and if something suspicious comes to their attention they will not hesitate to Disable the account. [added 4 minutes later] I believe regarding in your Video 2.they put more emphasis and work towards that part especially the PVP against other players because that is the crucial part, wherein both players (Winner and Defeated) can view the battle logs (video) and see what happened during combat, and I'm thinking maybe a complex coding was done in that part with increase in security against tampering of data.
  9. Simply amazing dude. I've watched it over and over again. Yes when the battle is ongoing it didn't stop, but after the battle, it will automatically send battle reports and status progress to the servers. I bet that you can only edit the values within that time frame where the Battle is ongoing because if you disconnect the Internet connection abruptly while in battle mode, you can repeat the battle again when you reconnect it. I agree too.
  10. I'm thinking maybe he made a LUA Script.
  11. Ohh thank you for this. Does the server detects this kind of cheat?
  12. Oh brother you are not very well alone. I did also what you did, and some sites will just show you some texts but still mislead you on something else just to gain page views. [added 0 minutes later] The community is in-game and very acitve [added 1 minute later] What is that???
  13. Been so long and I've searched every nook and cranny of this whole Internetverse and I haven't found a reliable link or information that hacked this game. Its hopeless? Even other sites can't even crack it. I've been willing to spend another VIP membership here if possible but will sit and wait for it first. I've experienced trying to crack this game but its so damn hard. Open for discussions.
  14. Thank you @NoFear ur da best Nope. Was amazed on how he did it, just waiting like everyone else here how he did it.
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