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  1. how can i donate? 

  2. Hello Mr. Enyby Do you have any knowledge for that if any of the other emulators that you have on your website do have a fully working Google play services?
  3. I have sent them a text about this a thing where that Google account doesn't work in the current version, and just leave this here reporting that I for some reason can't get any Google accounts to start working as if there was no Google + associated with it.
  4. @BadCase do you mind finding out a way to hack the score you'll get in events, because when ever I do, It returns to its normal value
  5. Add a new way to buy VIP or to donate money to the GG family. And add more videos would be better for those who came here to learn
  6. But I for example used them, to get my assassins from 1 to 5stars, when i go back to normal game version, would it return from 5stars to 1star?
  7. He said that the DNA is only visual in server sided. So does that means that when I go back and use the Google play edition, I won't have the same amount of helix and DNA I had before?
  8. Is their a way to unlock all players? And give them points to rank them up?
  9. True, the game didn't patch the method, but they removed it from the world leaderbored so it can be fair for all.
  10. Bro.. be more patient، I've been waiting for over a.. I lost counting after month, but if no fear said he'll do it, then he will ☆
  11. @Cooperb welcome to the family ?
  12. INeedHax

    Torque Drift

    I used float + fuzzy search for score, and Dword for the $
  13. INeedHax

    Torque Drift

    Game: Torque Drift Game Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=leagueofmonkeys.torquedrift Did I try to hack it?what happened? Yes. I kept getting negative value afterI change the amount of money to 999,999. I got = (- 999,999 )
  14. What about a money hack?
  15. It says that there is a problem and I should deactivate the Google play service app _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Everyrime I connectto FB on parallel space I get, Wrong hush key. Is their a solution for it??
    @Enyby before I download the new apk can u tell me, if their is a way to save my search memory ? Thank you
  16. I did everything right, but when I press edit and go back to game, I get -100,*****...,(below zero)
  17. Still didn't work... I did every step, but when in the last step, when i searched for it. I got no results. @Rastakiwi when r u going to make a video?
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