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  1. as @kokokeke said.. DL that Version. I Suggest u H The Equipments/Weapons Stats then Fuse them.. the Stats will be Permanent. -about the Not Saving Part : What I did is : Connected it to Google Play & when i'm IN, I Turn OFF the data/wifi.. ~~This Worked well for Me. i'm on Tier 6 now.
  2. What is the Encryption used in the 'file.sav'???
  3. u have to know their IDs then.. Wait for someone who knows them or Find ur own way.. GoodLuck
  4. from: @NoFear : on the 1st GunSmith : .Then u can just Hope & Wait for those Weapons to PopUp.. As for Me.. They didn't ,'-)
  5. Hae14

    Simcity buildit

    i don't Play this Game anymore But i Manage to H it ~Around 2017-2018~.. i Focused on the Rewards.
  6. if this is the Latest Version, Then u won't be able to H it Anymore,'-) Use an Older Version.
  7. and then u can Deploy ALL Heroes at the same Time.. it's Kinda Laggy on my phone so i Reduced their Numbers,'-)
  8. When u Receive a Reward (Box/Chest) don't Redeem them immediately.. Look at its Contents.. do a Group Search..
  9. Hae14

    Day R Survival

    it Doesn't Work for me. But the Light & Spd Does.
  10. u shud try the ones with Higher Numbers. Searching with 0-1 , 1-2 will Give u Headache,'-)
  11. Click Google Play Link For those who are Playing This Game. It is Very Simple to Hack. U don't even Need GG for it,'-) instructions : Play the Game a Bit, Look at the Gold & Gem Count. Exit. on File Manager : go to Android/data/com.fpsshooter.monster/files (Assuming you're not on Android 11) there is the "Save" file, Open it with a Text Editor. at the beginning u'll See "MoneySoftStr"(for Gold) & "MoneyHardStr"(for Gems). then Just Put any Amount u want.. Say Chiz ,'-)
  12. ,'-) This was when i Still don't Know What Xor is XD Xor Key = 444444
  13. i Can't Seem to H the Weapon Stats ,'-).. (Gonna Try Again;) but I made an Unusual H.. Normally u can Deploy 4 players, Right?? Now I Have a Fifth Player XD ~~the Problem is that i Don't How it Happened Here's for u Guys.. : on the First GunSmith : Search : Float (A) 80;20;0;0;0;0::21 then Change the 80 & 20 to 0. & Change the Last 0 to 100. Boom!!! Thanks to Bosz @NoFear
  14. Here it is : https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/14174-asphalt-8-airborne-database/?tab=comments#comment-48430
  15. Me, I only Manage to H the Gems & Gold. i'm Gonna Try that One Bosz @NoFear Showed.
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