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  1. for Sniper Rifle Huh? that's gonna be Hard, as Some Values ~when they Reach '0' , They Move(or what should we Call it??)
  2. Hae14

    Sheep puzzle hack

    @Shruti82 Don't Make Unnecessary (Duplicate) Threads for a Single Game. ? https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/32139-sheep-puzzle-hack/ ?
  3. Try This : pp.dat -it Has a Lot of Unlocked Contents. Enjoy
  4. I Found the Trophies.. But, When i went Online ~it Synched,'-) >>Went Back to Zero XD
  5. Hae14

    Bloons TD 6

    Go & Ask Here.
  6. Does it install Google Play Services ?? or Just the MicroG ??
  7. Hae14

    How do I root?

    This is Not the Forum for That. Go to XDA.
  8. --Actually, u Don't Have to Hide GG from the Game.. it Doesn't Even have any Protection against it.
  9. Just Manage to H Monkey Money : Pic : Monkey Money What I wanna Know is How to H the Battle 'Rounds' the First Stage After the Tutorial has '40 Rounds' & on Hard has '80'.. da Heck!!
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