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  1. Ooh I see alright thanks so much man if I had any problems I'll ask you again.
  2. Impossible the game is server sided and bandai are a big company who won't leave one of their most important games invulnerable there's no way to hack the crystals
  3. Omg thanks so much man can you direct me on how I can do this on the app and with the script functions?
  4. Thanks for your response for number two...when I group search it it gives me my old results as well as the new addresses so for example I have a dword, dword and float with address AAAAA when I group search it after a quest it gives me the addresses AAAAA and the new results so I keep on getting more results. Is there a way to exclude the old results and only work with the new ones or is that not possible
  5. Okay so im quite new to lua, but not scripting so im not a complete noob. But ye i have several questions 1. is it possible to choose select/edit a certain result in a list of results. For example i have a list of ordered results from a group search and i want to edit the 5th result is this possible? 2. this isnt a question about scripting in general just a game guardian question. So for example i found this value for a certain game and i want to edit it. Now when i for example change to another stage in the game the address of this value changes but it stays in the same order so for example i have a dword, dword and then a float. the value i want is the float but after every stage the addresses for them change but they stay in the same order, so its still dword, dword and float but with different addresses. Is there a way to find this new address and then use it in a script?
  6. Hey guys I'm not a beginner but I was wondering how can we do a group search on rounded values for example I want to search for 7~7.1, 13.9~14 and 21~21.1 at the same time how can I group search them? I know you can do it in cheat engine but I was wondering if it is possible on GG
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