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  1. Then you need to get an Android device.
  2. Just curious if anybody uses a virtual space and successfully connects their games to Google Play whilst using it? Only one I've had success with so far is Multi Parallel but i was wondering if there are others that work too that i haven't tried.
  3. sammax71

    Cooking Diary

    There are two main currencies in this game, coins and rubies. Coins are easy to change. Just upgrade an item and change the coin cost to a minus figure and you'll receive the coins. I couldn't find a way to change the rubies but I found a way to upgrade items for free. First you need to search the coin cost to upgrade an item. So if it costs 3000 coins and 6 rubies to upgrade then search 3000. You then need to increment edit the results. If there are many you may find it crashes if you edit the whole lot. I found the upgrade cost were always located in the same address area. Mine nearly always started with a 6. So after searching the cost amount I would refine the edit doing the address search and searching 6???????. They may be in a different place for others but I'm sure with a bit of trial an error you can locate where they are on your device. Once you have done the increment edit and seen the cost change you need to goto that address by long pressing on that result. You should see the line directly below it has the cost of the upgrade for the rubies. Click on that and edit dword to 0. You should then see on the game screen the cost to upgrade the item is now just for coins and no rubies. Once you hit the upgrade button you can use the speedhack to quicken it up. Boosters and pet treats can be changed using simple dword. Best way to do boosters is to wait until you have at least 3 and have infinite lives. Then you can quit levels and change them quickly.
  4. sammax71

    Dofus Pets

    To hack coins you can go to the screen where you buy coins with gems. Search 5;25;50;125;250;500. I only got one result for each. Unfortunately you can't change to a minus and gain gems too but you can change the 500 to 0 and buy for free.
  5. Probably not a popular game but I thought I'd post this anyway. Might be useful to somebody. I tried changing the coin amount various ways with no success but then I found if you go on the "connect to FB" and search 3000 dword. Although it gave me over a thousand results I then did the increment edit. Close screen and reopen and you should see the coin reward for connecting has changed. Find that amount in GG and change to 999,999,999 then connect your game to a FB account and you'll receive those coins as the reward.
  6. I only had a quick look at this game but I seem to remember if you go to where you buy tanks for coins and dword search the cost of the tank (think i did one that was about 15,000 coins). Then do the increment edit to find the correct value. Then change that to -999,999,999 and buy the tank.
  7. If the game connects to Google Play or Facebook then you could get their login details to access their game.
  8. If you go to the screen where you can buy chests and search dword 10;90;20;180;40;360 Then search 360. Think there were only 3 or 4 results and I changed them to -999,999,999. Buy the chest and you should get the gems credited. I exited the game and re-entered and the gems were still there. Good luck
  9. I've been using GG for some time but I still consider myself a novice. Please could somebody explain if its possible to edit an encrypted dword value to an exact amount. I'll give an example of what I mean. In a game let's say I have 500 gems and the encrypted value shows -1,564,765,343. If I wanted to change my gems to 10,000 is that possible? All I've ever been able to do is to change it to a random number and just see what it gives me.
  10. Virtual spaces to run GameGuardian without root (#ct7bob3)
  11. I'm using Android 10 and I use Multi Parallel. Games show up in Game Guardian and it connects to Google Play.
  12. If you’re non root are you using an optimised version of whatever virtual space app you’re using? Virtual spaces to run GameGuardian without root (#ct7bob3)
  13. Very well explained. Thank you
  14. The Walking Zombie 2 (#8orth4sj)
  15. sammax71

    Major Mayhem 2

    Just seen theres already a video tutorial in the "Video Tutorials" section that works
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