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  1. sammax71

    Coin Masters

    I know this game is server sided and most things can't be changed but I know it is possible to add spins (I think as if they were gifted by Facebook friends) and in the card collections its possible to add cards. I wondered if anybody knows if this can be done by using Game Guardian?
  2. It would help if you say what the name of the game is. Then somebody might take a look at it for you.
  3. Does anybody know how to locate the base.apk files on Android 11? They used to be in /data/app on my old device but they are no longer there. Been Google searching but can't find any useful advice. Thanks
  4. sammax71

    Egg inc golden eggs

    Hi Jumpy, If you're still interested in getting Golden Eggs without using Lucky Patcher then drop me a pm. I've worked out a way you can do it
  5. sammax71

    Egg inc golden eggs

    I was playing about with LP on a rooted device and I found after a while of buying Golden Eggs it would come up with a transaction error and I couldn't buy any more. Most I got to was about 5 million Golden Eggs before it stopped. Then I found if you go on the screen where you buy the eggs and dword group search the amount of Golden Eggs you receive per purchase (2000;4400;10000) it bought up just three results. Change one to whatever amount (I did 1,999,999,999) and purchase. I then had 2 billion Golden Eggs. I've played for a while and no ban has come up so far.
  6. sammax71

    Egg inc golden eggs

    It works properly if your phone is rooted. You can use LP & log into Google Play.
  7. sammax71

    Egg inc golden eggs

    I guess the options now then are LP and no Google Play or Google Play and no Golden Eggs. I was trying to get GG to work but had no success either.
  8. sammax71

    Car parking

    GG only works on Android.
  9. sammax71

    Egg inc golden eggs

    You can always use Lucky Patcher on this game to buy golden eggs.
  10. sammax71

    Egg inc golden eggs

    Did you try changing the encrypted value to see if it changed the actual amount of golden eggs you have?
  11. Did you try Multi Parallel? I log into Google Play using it.
  12. You can use Lucky Patcher and just buy them for free.
  13. Did you try Multi Parallel? It was the only virtual space app I found that Google Play Games worked properly.
  14. Then you need to get an Android device.
  15. Just curious if anybody uses a virtual space and successfully connects their games to Google Play whilst using it? Only one I've had success with so far is Multi Parallel but i was wondering if there are others that work too that i haven't tried.
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