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  1. Just a same old hack lmao
  2. My own hack sorry ,i don't want it to get patched cya
  3. @Mohamadfatur there is no such thing host to bypass cheat detection. Dont play brutal what? I use hack brutally on my main didnt event banned, and use your leeched hack on my dummy account and banned lmao
    I guess this is not your script, but so far most of the function are mostly from old patch and game is going glitchy by now after using this script
  4. Script doesn't work like it was in description. Some of it just making the game glitchy in some way especially the antenna and aim lock make the sensitivity gone crazy
  5. d*** nice pasted code bro, no more new hack? still the same as always only the value change a bit...
  6. you can put anything hehehe even
  7. ok thanks for sharing , keep it up ! you are the best !!
  8. doesnt work bro, crush the game after use
  9. idk let me try again sorry _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later any ingame picture please
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