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  1. No, it has the same problem
  2. How do I get server sided values?
  3. Thanks bro, I thought it was because i didnt put end after if
  4. Did you make a script for this? [added 1 minute later] I made a script for this but I dont have it no more, it vontained strenge and wacky stuff
  5. I want to create a login system that connects to a website so I dont need to create a server
  6. I created a script that auto edits values so the player doesn't have to, when I made a retry button at the end it stops working, can someone halp me? Bloxburg.lua
  7. I want to find out how I can create a new text file using a gg .lua code
  8. GameCrasher

    Decryptor lua?

    I remember a lua file that van decrypt any file, when I serch for it now its suddenly wiped from existence, I want to decrypt a file but I dont want Top geo to help, does anyone have that file??
  9. I want to create a text file using lua but I'm not sure how.
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