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  1. Create a nil section, Menu = gg.choice({'1','2','3'}, nil) if Menu == 1 then goto a1 end if Menu == 2 then goto a2 end if Menu == 3 then goto a3 end if Menu == nil then goto sleep end ::a1:: os.exit() ::a2:: os.exit() ::a3:: os.exit() ::sleep:: gg.alert('Sleep code here')
  2. Try code app, also do you have discord, I have nothing going on rn, ill help you make script
  3. GameCrasher

    Amazon tablet

    What exactly went wrong?
  4. I want to create my own encruptor but i need my script to modify other files.
  5. gg.searchNumber('161401;161401;0;0;161401;161401;161402;161402;0;0;161402;161402;161767;161767;0;0;161767;161767;161768;161768;0;0;161768;161768;161769;161769;0;0;161769;161769;161811;161811;0;0;161811;161811;161840;161840;0;0;161840;161840')
  6. Add me TrappyScript#2870
  7. Do you have discord?
  8. Sure, I am going to start a script for payback 2, join me and you can ask questions on the way
  9. Ok, I will start a project for a game called payback 2, maybe you will like to help?
  10. Doesnt work like that, addlisting values by number means to add thousands of values by number
  11. There is the script with hide script, If uou want I can improve it to make it more understandable. Also, im looking for someone to make a script for a game Ive been playing for a while and might ask if you wanted to join?
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