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  1. Class hack is easy too Pick a class which you have gained some knowledge in. Search that amount. Use that class and earn some more. Refine your search. You'll have 12 or so values. Edit them all with an increment of 1 Find the correct value , change it to 100 and boom, max for that class. Then. Click goto on the value. There are 24 classes. Find where your class sits in the 24 and edit all the values above and below your edited value , to 100. 24 values in total. Now each time you unlock a class , it will be max. Keep playing around with values for everything. Soooo much hack to be had. @InfraDelta
  2. Dude. Enough with the hate. As stated in earlier posts .... Points - dword search and refine Time : search in seconds. Just about everything is in the anonymous range. Just about everything is a dword search. _------------------_ This game is really straight forward to hack. Working things out for yourself is how you learn. Peace bro. Peace.
  3. Fyi. Time hack is in seconds. This game is addictive [added 3 minutes later] Did you actually try and hack the game ? Simple known value searches will get just about everything.
  4. This game is fun. In a kinda play it a lot for a few days and the. Never again kinda way
  5. Yeah. Points are a simple dword search and refine. Then change the number while playing.
  6. Cheat tables , like cheat engine. Maybe ? Ether way , he wants hacks
  7. sodaface

    help me this bug?

    Bro. You tripping. It's pink. Because 3+5 is equal to elephant.
  8. sodaface

    help me this bug?

    Wtf is actually happening ? What are you asking ? How the ***** can we help you with the info provided ?
  9. Install hacked version , get your cash , then install the new and legit version over the top and then sync account. Is that what you tried ? That's the usual method for enabling sign in.
  10. sodaface

    Hi Gameguardian!

    Using any application to modify a game is against the games Terms of service. The legality of that , as with copyright, varies from country to country. https://au.pcmag.com/games/45177/south-korea-makes-game-hacking-illegal https://www.slashgear.com/selling-hacked-pokemon-can-apparently-land-you-in-jail-04658118/
  11. Dead effect 2. An older game but still fun. Just about everything is hackable.
  12. Mega script by Rama productions is the only script around
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