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  1. Well, i need some help with pointers
  2. Same here, i have some values that unrefineable Dunno how to refine it
  3. From where did you install Parallel Space? Probably its not optimized If you still need help i have a good virtual with all plugins for 64/32bit games Good luck.
  4. Are you android 10 user? If yes then your game is probably 64bit game I think you're using 32bit virtual and your game is 64bit Try to install 64bit virtual and see I was none root user and this was happens to me alot Good luck.
  5. First one GG.101.1.apk And ur good to go
  6. xWanted

    Speed up scripts

    Convert your script to xs code More faster 90% GG to XS.lua [added 1 minute later] Sorry wrong one Give me a minute [added 4 minutes later] Here ya go Offset(Converter)(3).lua
  7. Solved? I have some pointers from chainer but i dunno how to use them into a script
  8. PUBG:M, I don't think the game matters Install LD and enjoy.
  9. xWanted

    Help with addresses

    gg.searchAddress I dunno what address i should search See the chainer log Thanks in advance
  10. Well, im using LD player working great Btw u can root it from the emu settings
  11. xWanted

    Help with addresses

    Hey everyone! I dunno from where to start Anyway, im trying to do a teleport for pubg mobile I got my player position x,y,z with chainer script yay didnt know chainer till now it was about a month trying to get my player x,y,z with 1 click And the chainer helped me out from the first try yay Anyways, does the chainer use the base address to get my player x,y,z I think yes So.. How do i put the chainer search into a script Thats all, im new at address/offest stuff I dont know how they works yay I'll attach everything Any reply will be helpful 4_6005676319302486304.mp4 chainer logs.txt
  12. Send me the script, i'll do my best
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