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  1. Chat me https://wa.me/+6285362973163
  2. ExtremeBoy

    Lua script help

    Can't understand
  3. os.remove('/storage/emulated/0/filename.txt')
  4. Maybe he mean's how to find the secret values,like fly,wall hack
    NICE APP! Now i can hack game with octopus Just for information Use old version to make it work Thank You
  5. Don't edit the value to much Just 999.999.999 Or
  6. Use another virtual Like VirtualXposed but old version To work
  7. Maybe use Anonymous ranges
  8. ExtremeBoy

    Script Error

    In line 2698 there's no end
  9. Try to get more Magic and gems If the value in gameguardian not change That's a wrong Ranges
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