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  1. Please don't judge the title lol it's just some file like news of the game guardian put it into a discord bot style so it's easy for me to monitor what is happening and what is newly added and updated
  2. Put your request here and let some coding player do it for you I dknt know how to code but just share some and edit some it will work a okay give me some too hehe~ share please~
  3. Recommend for kids who want to cheat ... Just change the money value it worked cheat work if not then you doing it wrong. No files just a heads up if you want to play this game it's fun I guess you could say that if your bored anyway 3/10 cause it's skinny I give 1 star and the cheat work I give 2 star the other star I did not cheated yet like the gold and you can do infinite stuff.
  4. O I see let's just say 90% is useable lol
    Don't download this one some of this not working properly The second one touch it's perfect! It needs some zoom out sadly. AMONG US 4.0.0 MOD MENU BY ACTIN4IK.lua
  5. Privewe? Well some of them is working
  6. Vision hack? Not so much Giant working yes No clip 1 working 2 not so much
  7. Senko

    Gorebox 2

    Anyone have script? Menu script for this game
  8. Senko

    Script On/Off

    Can I download just the menu on or off
  9. Did you really find like esp stuff I really need esp XD cause I can feel pros living there
  10. Senko


    Life sucks m8
  11. Ay friend I want to try that script if it can really get me banned I wanna try it if you have discord you can quote me back :v and I will add u Like some of it unlock
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