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  1. Senko

    Gorebox 2

    Anyone have script? Menu script for this game
  2. Senko

    Script On/Off

    Can I download just the menu on or off
  3. Did you really find like esp stuff I really need esp XD cause I can feel pros living there
  4. Senko


    Life sucks m8
  5. Ay friend I want to try that script if it can really get me banned I wanna try it if you have discord you can quote me back :v and I will add u Like some of it unlock
  6. It work just like instruction said proof
  7. I see thanks I will let you know if this works
  8. I did that but it's not working Attempt 1 with googleplay [added 1 minute later] Attempt 2 download from gg website [added 4 minutes later] Attempt 3 downloading android9+
  9. My Android version is 8.1.0, My phone is oppoA5s And I don't know either one should I use for non rooted phone Edit not 5.2.1 sorry idk I was checking the system and then I saw the my device xd
  10. cant seems to get it right look at bottom
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