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  1. Unblocking is not possible, you must create a new account. It is better not to use the Ghost Hack function, it is very risky
  2. I hope the developers don't find this video. If they find it, it will be harder to hack, since they will hide all the holes in the code and throw a strike on the channel. I will pray that this does not happen
  3. LUA Script updated? There is no news of this in the telegram
  4. This is the best video I've watched all day. Already subscribed to a YouTube channel to follow the news. I'm sorry that I can't help, only support in the text. Good luck!
  5. Oh, that's what it's for, now everything is clear. It's good that I left a "good review" on one of these sites
  6. I really wanted to do my best, and I hope it works out for you. Good luck to you
  7. Try installing the Android emulator on your computer and install this game there, sync it with facebook. This is the last option I have left. I don't think there will be any problems with the emulator
  8. I don't know why this error, I have everything installed. Don't worry, I'll try to find another way out if I can
  9. Found a mod for this game. Syncing with Google Play is not possible, but you can connect via facebook, thereby saving the hacked progress Link to the hacked game: art-of-war-legions-2.6.7-mod-t-5play.ru.apk (Yandex Disk) Mod: lots of gold / diamonds
  10. I thought I was the only one, but it turns out I'm not. The same, I tried to scour the Internet in the hope of finding at least a tiny hack, even in YouTube I searched, but there was only a divorce, "AFK arena hacking game currency", and the hack was through some left-wing site. I even tried to hack this game myself, but it didn't work out. I think that one day, at some point, someone will hack this game. (I apologize in advance for mistakes)
    The script is not bad, the author is well done
  11. A good script, despite the fact that this is a test version. I used the Hack max level for weapon function, but I didn't really understand how the other functions worked. For example, Hack gold, on the map 7, 13, 14, does not come across the wheel of fortune, it is only after passing the boss, and bosses are usually only on 9 levels. There are no complaints about the Hack energy function. I would be happy to see a video demonstration of using other features.
  12. The Ghost Hack feature is so risky that after playing a few matches, you will be blocked after a while. Can I safely use this feature? If not, what is it for? Banned information // I read it, it is very useful.
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