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  1. Can a game without x86 lib use this then can work? That game still work well speedhack on arm architecture device. But on 32bit device not work.
  2. How to make GG pop up asking try to reinstalling the game with x86 lib pls?
  3. Anyone know how to hack weekly time trial of Real Racing 3? I would like to have fun with it. Thanks in advance!
  4. is your device rooted? send me private message
  5. remember to click Refine not to search again. Update to the newest version of GG
  6. MS also the same. WARNING!!!!! Dont add to much gold over 40K or you will get BAN. Disconnect internet before edit until you got optimal gold
  7. Does anyone know how some guys hack the Weekly Time Trial in Real Racing 3
  8. Thank you very much. I will try some then. Another question Master: does GG support to change the connection to the server of a game. Im talking about Real Racing 3, the Online Multiplayer is not stable connection to the game server. Any ideal to help? Thanks alot!
  9. Pls help more. Do you know any emulator create 64bit android?
  10. Sorry for stupid question, how to run game with x86 libs pls!!!!
  11. Please help. I attached my log cat GG_logcat_r84.0_15277_5.1.1_22.log
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