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  1. Thank you Brother working 100% as always the best Thank you again
  2. Thanks good friend it works wonders in architecture of 32 and 64 bits thanks
  3. Thanks friend it works great in 64 bit architecture in 32 bit it does not work thanks again greetings
  4. hello friend the script does not work I am using 32 bit architecture please if you could solve it thanks in advance
  5. you are the best thanks works very well in 32 bit emulators thanks friend
  6. thanks friends the problem is on my smartphone I tried it on my tablet and if it works, thanks anyway
  7. if I have it fine this activated activated disabled
  8. hello friend just for telling you that the script does not work in 32bits architecture please if you could solve it thanks
  9. thanks friend now if it works everything is perfect in 32 bit architecture, thanks again
  10. hello friend thanks for the contribution in architecture 32 bit does not work autopilot and freeze, the ghost mode and the shock mode those do work, thanks again
  11. Hello Friend again I want to tell you that the last script does not work for me I have a screenshot of what it says, I changed the privacy terms and it does not work I do not know if I am doing something wrong thanks
  12. friend thanks if it worked changing the settings I did not need to restart the game thanks friend you are a hero without a cape, sorry if I write something wrong what happens I use the google translator greetings from Ecuador
  13. Well, I'm going to configure it as shown in the image, I have everything deactivated and I will notify you of the result, thanks friend for responding immediately
  14. hello friend thanks for the contribution it was eagerly awaited, a question seems that it only works in 64X because on my device it does not work thanks friend again
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