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  1. I have attempted to go past the dword limit for a score by changing it to a qword format. Please excuse the newbie vibes that are coming strong from me. When I changed the value format from dword to qword, it still created a negative value, but put me on the top of the leader board. I thought this was progress. But when the tournament ended, I was definitely not in first place, and my value did not reset to zero like it is supposed to. So epic fail. I just want a way to top the people who are jumping up to that last dword value. I don't even care about winning really. It's more of a challenge now. So if anyone has any insight..... Please help or inform or point me in the direction I need to go. Thanks so much.
  2. Does the green highlighted area have to be on the 1? In a game I am trying this method with, it is on the 7 under app
  3. Wow. I feel like I was just noticed by a celebrity! Akkkk, starstruck. You just made my week thanks so much!!!
  4. Hey. I'm Dani. I thought I knew a little bit about memory editong until I started pillaging through this website. I am so eager to learn as much as possible and am trying to be patient. I play those girly games that are not popular on sites like this so I am just trying to learn more about methods and the nuts and bolts of this amazing program's power so I can apply it all to my games. I love troubleshooting and trying to figure things out myself, but realize it's also because I don't even know enough to ask the right questions. Thank you for this amazing website and all the knowledge here. I'm so grateful and eager!
  5. I finally figured it out if you are still trying to find the way for fertilizers and boosts. Make sure you have your 10 fertilizers and come back to your island. Search for 10 and then go use one on a neighbor's island. DO NOT REFINE SEARCH WHILE AT NEIGHBORS ISLAND!. Go home and then refine your search. Continue this process until you have your fertilizers narrowed down and then edit to desired value. It's important to only refine when at your island. I'm unsure what boosts you are wanting to edit. If you are still wondering let me know. I hope that helps some!
  6. I am needing the same help. I can change the amount of fertilizers but can't get it to stay when I take off the freeze. Any help so appeciated
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