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  1. On my big island yes, I have a ton! 49 million
  2. I bought maybe a little over $40 worth on my big island over a period of time. I only spent $2 on my small island lol
  3. Did I put ever happen to figure this out?
  4. Some islands can go over this limit. I have two islands and one of mine is at 49,000,000 with no issues. However my smaller island is only at 5000
  5. Can you tell me how to do it?
  6. Ah, yes. When you find out pleaseee let me know.
  7. Yes. make sure you have all 10 of your fertilizers. Search 10, visit a friends island and use 1. DONT REFINE WHILE STILL ON YOUR FRIENDS ISLAND. Return back to your island after using “1” and then refine. repeat until you’re able to change your value.
  8. By chance, Does anyone know how to mod the cruise boost?
  9. Fushiaaax3

    GG on ios

    Is there anyway to download GG onto an iOS device?
  10. Can someone help me? I want to upgrade my boathouse/silo. All I know how to do so far is change the number of gems. & somehow I also changed the number of boost for 1 certain boost, no clue how I did that.
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