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  2. Yep, Ida make we confuse by looking its value pointing directly to target address. Actually, true opcode look like this LDR R0, [PC, #0x4] Idk how to explain it, you can find arm opcode documentation on google. They describe how each instruction work. @Un_Known
  3. I recorded the error. help me milk it GG_logcat_v83.0_15206_5.1_22.log GG_logcat_r83.0_15206_5.1_22.log
  4. I love this nfs, it's one of my daily games. Yes some mods have been patched such as unlock all cars, blueprints and player levels (at least I can no longer get them to work). I can confirm as of today the gold and cash mod still works. Other working mods that I know of include VIP, scrap points, tuning tools and fuel.
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  6. Oh really ? I was helping u in telegram and did u remember what u told me ? Forget me forever because of this . Also u did not open . It is just loader .
  7. marken

    radar hack

    can you share me MLBB radar hack script patch dyrroth . please
  8. V4cK

    Game is closed

    How to find thats hack or buy thats hacks? i unninstal the root, install parallel space but when i start the arena in the parallel the screen is black and this close:(
  9. Hi bro idol I mean is I try to DEC you're new compiler and I open it and in the text say if ***** == then ****youdecoder load(*****) [added 0 minutes later] Plz don't get mad on me I'm bad in English I'm so soory
  10. Offset from PC in LDR location. Useless in any other place.
  11. Above question can be ignored Updated: I think it is offset is loaded into R1 after subtraction between ahighscore and 0x19D8B4 and their addresses being subtracted! so Here ahighscore has address =>00319CEC so 00319CEC - 0x19D8B4 =17C438 So R1, = 17C438 would it be an offset? Am.i correct or Wrong? @saiaapiz @Enyby
  12. Gathering information about GG errors (#9ggo57t)
  13. What is happening here can u explain? I have highlighted offset pushed to R1 with cursor? what type of sign is between ahighscore and offset is it just a dash ? What is purpose of ahighscore here? Any reference guide for arm instruction set ?
  14. ohh thnx buddy once again sorry for disturbing you
  15. Yes, you're correct. This push offset into register, then add it with PC. So PC + Offset lead to dword_36BD38 which is targeted address. R3 is address of dword_36BD38
  16. It generally means that value of coins would be highest (because 2147483647 is largest dword) only when value in R0 is less than 0 Okk if I change MOVLT to MOV and STRLT to STR then value will always be 2147483647 because it will bypass condition check is it correct and plz elaborate this part =(dword_36BD38 - 0x19D86C) couldn't understand this That What would be value in R3 register @saiaapiz
  17. I have learnt a lot after joining GG forum. Thnx to @saiaapiz @Enyby
  18. 0000 LDR R3, =(dword_36BD38 - 0x19D86C) -- Load offset to R3 0004 ADD R3, PC, R3 ; dword_36BD38 -- R3 = PC + Offset (R3) 0008 CMP R0, #0 -- Check if R0 value equal to 0 000C STR R0, [R3] -- Store R0 value into R3 (R3 = dword_36BD38) 0010 MOVLT R2, #0x7FFFFFFF -- If R0 value less than 0, then put (0x7FFFFFFF) 2147483647 into R2. 0014 STRLT R2, [R3] -- If R0 value less than 0, then store R2 value which is 2147483647, into R3 (R3 = dword_36BD38) Conclusion is, if R0 value less than 0.. then put 2147483647 into bss:dword_36BD38. Anyway, if you not understand about the logic. F5 hotkey may come handy.
  19. Download link for Hxd Hex editor: https://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php?product=HxD20
  20. Can anybody explain logic here It's ARM instruction set: Here dword_36BD38 is uninitialized variable in .bss section LDR R3, =(dword_36BD38 - 0x19D86C) ADD R3, PC, R3 ; dword_36BD38 CMP R0, #0 STR R0, [R3] MOVLT R2, #0x7FFFFFFF STRLT R2, [R3] I have a little idea what's happening here but couldn't understand whole logic!
  21. Hey, I have selected video memory range also but not working . Can u make a video tutorial on that so it will be easy 4 me!
  22. saiaapiz

    G-presto hates me

    G-Presto can be bypass only on rooted device. I've bypass their detection within 5 click.
  23. Is there a way to change these values for Vu disasters like it is possible to change the rewards for upgrades to building?
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