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  2. @celok23 yes, the outdate versions work fine with rooted device and with VM. The last version do not work. The problem will be when GR will force the upgrade. @sodaface I did some tests. I found 3 kinds of problems. 1) rooted phone. GR (last version) doesn't work if GG is installed (also if GG doesn't run). If I unistall GG, GR works. 2) VM GR doesn't work (with o without GG). After few second GR crash. 3) GR in rooted phone and GG in vm (I could not do it with x8sandbox, it doen't find app out the vm). GR works. GG works. But if I try to make search, GR crash. If you want I have the logcat of last (2.41) and previous (2.37) version. I tried to read them but for me are aramaic. Thanks GG_logcat_r101.1_16142_9_28_241.log GG_logcat_r101.1_16142_9_28_237.log
  3. Change to x8sandbox and use the apphide option to hide GG from games.
  4. @LordPhoenix It is working when I downgraded the GR version but it lags a lot. @sodaface any luck with the updated version as the game exits right away(when GG is present in parallel space)
  5. Hi. I want to know if you can do this cheat for "legend of ace" its like Mobile legends too. Thanks in advance
  6. Yesterday
  7. Mostly on video Dword 100000~999999 Just search those and change to 0, but only edit like 20k and revert if useless, yk the ***** -------------------- +REP pls
  8. Use x8sb or F1VM -------------------- +REP pls
  9. use f1 player install fresh apk of gg for nox( not clone ) use this setting in gg run with syslinux run as root [added 1 minute later] in f1 setting enable root permition
  10. You need to use the chainer by enyby I had the same problem you facing before Chainer (#9qju1cat) Good luck
  11. Hello! Im looking for any cheat for this game ty! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.superplanet.evilhunter&gl=IT
  12. Kimastar

    Simcity buildit

    Yes if u cheat u will be transfert to server with other cheaters...
  13. I am having a hard time making any virtual space work I have tried Parallel space, Parallel space pro and VirualXposed with some daemon won't run issue. I am using a android mobile below 9.0.0 and above 8.0.0. Thanks in advance soronorjs
  14. Hello guys (◔‿◔) I am bit confused with something so look at this and if you can help me. 0x7585CF7008 -- its an address that contain value 507,196,847,712Q or (761749B660 in hex) i want to create a script that take the value 761749B660 (hex value) and use it in next step as address (goto adress function). thanks in advance (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
  15. Edit the value to 175 example, it's up to 205 i think. I already tested it trust me
  16. Hello there. Don't be afraid to ask questions
  17. Yeah. Ok. I thought the saves were generally in the data data whatever. I'll try and search around for a Google solution if there is one. Thank you !
  18. it is not true friend, I have functional script and antiban.
  19. lbqt

    Cant hack Dungeon Maker

    How to find another room id? The room_id.txt doesn't have abyssal portal or some high tier altar.
  20. Thanks for your help but the address keeps changing every time I reopen the game
  21. I've installed GG on Virtual Xposed by cloning it and deleting the original but the game is still able to detect it. I'm using Nox. Is there something else that I have to do so that It won't detect it?
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